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Massachusetts has been a state setting trends for centuries, from its Mayflower landings in 1620, the events leading up to the American Revolution, to its current position as the leading center of global biotechnology and education. New Yorkers moving to New Englands most populous state are going to find innovations and amenities beyond their performance in the former hometown, including its world-class educational system.

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If you are used to New York’s population density, you will not experience a phasing out when moving to New Englands most populous state, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is the 7th-smallest state in America, but packs a punch, ranking as the 7th-best state for job opportunities. Massachusetts has played a pivotal role in shaping American commercial and cultural history, and it’s a world-leading innovator and one of the best places to do business today.

Here are a few of the reasons why moving from New York City to Boston is a great idea.

A Strong Jobs Market

Massachusetts, which is home to the largest share of the labor force in New England, is one of the wealthiest states by average household income, per capita income, and personal income per capita. As a result, it is also among the lowest-ranked states in terms of affordability, but this is not something New Yorkers will find daunting. The Western portion of the state offers much more affordable options than areas surrounding Boston, which is something you will have seen when looking at housing markets.

Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Massachusetts include General Electric, Boston Scientific, and Liberty Mutual. High-performing industries include biotechnology, defense, finance, higher education, healthcare, and tourism.

For reference, the state has nearly twice as many workers as the state of Connecticut.

The Best Universities in the World

It is described as the best-educated state in the nation, and we do not have any problem believing it, as it is home to over 35 higher-education institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Boston College, and Tufts. Massachusetts educational system is routinely among the best of all 50 states, and its public school students are also among the highest-scoring globally on measures of reading, science and math. Massachusetts has been refining its education system for a while, being the site of the oldest public elementary schools, oldest middle schools, and oldest colleges in the nation. All of that dedication to high-quality education has made it not only a job-creator, but an innovator, and helped solidify its position as a state that is changing the game.

The Best Healthcare System

Massachusetts has the lowest proportion of uninsured residents in the nation, and that is not an easy achievement. The state ranks consistently highly for disease prevention, and is a hub of cutting-edge research on medicine and education. Massachusetts has the highest number of doctors living there per 100,000 residents, and is home to over 140 hospitals, including Massachusetts General Hospital, the primary teaching hospital of Harvard. Outside Boston is the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, and Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences has its campus there as well.

Experience Each Season

We cannot sugarcoat it, winters are cold and snowy in Massachusetts at levels that are unaccustomed in New York. Be prepared for some crazy swings in weather, and pack proper clothes and protection from the elements.

Make up for that with one of the country’s most impressive autumn seasons, and, of course, all that gorgeous shoreline for glorious summers and fresh seafood. The range of land and sea highlights that draw so many visitors to New England will now be your playground, from Cape Cods white-sand beaches to hiking trails such as the Appalachian Trail to the breathtaking Berkshires, which are also home to music festivals and the Boston Symphony during the summer.

A Great Arts and Culture Scene

From Norman Rockwells museum in Stockbridge, to the old village of Sturbridge, and the Maria Mitchell Observatory on Nantucket, there are many highlights outside Boston that will have you exploring the new state. American philosopher and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson was born in Boston, but spent most of his life in Concord, where Louisa May Alcott also grew up. Springfield, Cape Cod, and New Bedford each had their own symphony orchestras, on top of ensembles based in Boston.

Of course, when it comes to obligations to the states four professional major-league sports teams, including the New England Patriots and the Red Sox, there are no limits on cities and towns, so you could very well end up driving down to Boston to attend a game. Be sure to check out our Boston moving guide as well if you are considering living in the capital.

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