Best Neighborhoods for Families in New York City

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Moving with your family is a big challenge, packing up multiple peoples belongings, hunting down homes that fit your needs, and finding a community in your new community is all big challenges. When your destination is New York City, the factors to consider may add to the complications. That said, there are plenty of reasons moving to this metropolis is a good move for your family.

There are excellent schools, engaging events and sites for all ages, and great cultural diversity. There are a nice selection of neighborhoods in New York City that fit the bill for the needs of families, and they all have their unique flavors. Thinking about what you want out of a neighborhood, along with your ideal budget, can help you find the right spot within the five boroughs to call home.

Things to consider before choosing a neighborhood

What amenities are ideal in a neighborhood?

Having easy access to necessities is important when raising a family. If your children are of school age, it’s best to be near good schools. Perhaps you would want to live near parks, botanical gardens, or green spaces in general, where you could enjoy time outdoors. Or, perhaps living in a neighborhood with other families that have kids is a must, so that your little one can make friends. Do you want to get to a subway station or a bus stop without walking too far?

Grocery shopping for more than one person is a massive undertaking, especially when there is no car available (and a lot of New Yorkers are doing well enough without one, if that is your route). Having a grocery store or laundry room a few blocks away is going to be important for you. Knowing what those amenities, and others, would suit your lifestyle and fit the needs of your family helps you narrow down the best possible neighborhoods.

What’s My budget?

Living in New York City usually comes at a higher cost than in most other places around the country. However, prices of residences can vary greatly depending on neighborhood. Finding the balance of getting the most in terms of amenities and desired locations, while also being within your budget, will be the key deciding factor of which addresses you end up selecting. You may want to take a look at a few neighborhoods that you might envision your family living in, get an idea of what rent or home values are on average, and then compare those with what you can afford.

3 Great Neighborhoods for Families in New York City

Although every household will have their own wants and needs, within the five neighborhoods, there are several neighborhoods that tick many family-friendly boxes. Some are parks that are adjacent for family picnics, others are near libraries, transit, and cultural institutions. A common thread between these is that many families are already living in these neighborhoods, meaning that many neighbors will have shared experiences raising families in urban environments.

Battery City Park, Manhattan, New York City

Why It is A Good Place For Families: This central district on Manhattans southern tip has excellent views of the Statue of Liberty, and is near tourist attractions (such as the Museum of Jewish Heritage and 9/11 Memorial). That said, the neighborhood is mostly residential. There are a lot of attractions, which are especially good for families. For one, you can find playgrounds at the neighboring Rockefeller Park.

If your kids are going ga-ga over games, the park even lends lawn games and equipment in summer months. If you are looking for more outdoor fun, hop on the SeaGlass Carousel or do some skating on The Rink at Brookfield Place.

Many luxury, high-rise condo buildings are most likely equipped with amenities like kids playrooms, indoor pools, and fitness facilities. They carry higher prices, but having these amenities readily available can make it worth the price tag for some.

Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City

Why It is A Good Place For Families: Being in this area also gives you the best of both worlds, namely, living in an urban area while raising a family. So, it is coveted to live in an area that is also home to other families, you will be glad to hear many people who have kids choose to live in this part of town.

There is also easy access to the rest of New York City, thanks to the public transit options that are close by. However, you won’t need to go far for some family-friendly entertainment. For one thing, the neighborhood itself is on the western edge of Central Park, so you are never too far away from green space for exploring and playing with your kids.

The American Museum of Natural History is nearby, too, and offers classes for families and kids, as well as fascinating displays. For younger kids who like to read, there is a book club encampment at Symphony Space at 95th and Broadway. There is even an entire world of discovery at Manhattans Children’s Museum.

The cost of living is higher in this part of New York City, but if you fit the budget, you get a lot for what you are paying.

Astoria, Queens

Why It is A Good Place For Families: For those who are not committed to living in the hustle and bustle of Downtown Manhattan, but who enjoy being close by when the mood strikes, Astoria, Queens, might be the family-friendly area to consider. In general, Queens tends to have a more affordable cost of living compared with other parts of the city. But, even at its lower price, it does not skimp out on the goodies.

Queens is one of the most ethnically diverse places on earth, meaning that living there is a cultural experience in and of itself. In terms of an outdoorsy experience, this borough has plenty of gorgeous parks for you to enjoy.

You can spend the afternoon in Astoria Park in the outdoor pool, skatepark, and end with a round of bocce. For a trip to the playground or a few balls to throw on a baseball diamond, Rainey Park might be an excellent choice. Indoors, the local branch of Queens Library has a strong offerings for kids from ages 0-12. And for exhibits that speak to parents and kids alike, there is something at the Museum of the Moving Image for everyone in the family.

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