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Planning A Move And Need A Company That You Can Trust And Will Handle Your Belongings Carefully, And Safely?

Thankfully, you’ve found Moishe’s. Here is why we are the best local mover in the Tri-State area:


No Upfront Deposit

We are one of the few moving companies that can book and reserve your moving date with no upfront deposit. Many companies require 50% or even 100% of the moving cost before the move is completed. Moishe’s doesn’t do business that way. Nothing is collected until the move is complete.



We have been moving in NYC for 35 years and know how to move you safely, efficiently, and reliably.



We are fully licensed and insured to operate in New York and New Jersey.



We can provide you with any of the packing materials you could need to move, including cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, linen boxes, book boxes, china boxes, and sofa covers; if you have a 50-inch TV, we will have a box sized to fit it.


Hassle Free Service

We offer packing services to help you pack up your entire home, so you can be completely handed off, if you choose.

What You Need To Know For Your Move

At Moishe’s, our talented planning staff and moving team will provide you with a custom package to suit the particular needs of your home or business.

Packing and transporting, unpacking, and throwing out all used materials are a few of the services we can provide as the best movers in the business.

Being around since 1983, our staff have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of NYC, including Queens, and the surrounding tri-state area, including New Jersey and Connecticut, so we can easily overcome any potential challenges related to traffic, weather, or street closures, saving you money and time.

On your end, it is important to let us know if there are any time restrictions on your house, apartment, or building that may prohibit us from moving your possessions.

Also, if you live in an apartment or condo, let us know if your building requires a Certificate of Insurance–building management companies do not want to be held liable for any damage inflicted on their property, so most will require this document.

Other than those details, just make sure that you are present at the designated time so you can meet your moving team (and that your things are packed if you did not opt in for the packing service), and we will handle the rest.


Moving Between Local Apartments

For apartment dwellers, Moishe’s can liaise with your building’s management company and furnish a certificate of insurance if required.

If your building or landlord requires any special considerations, like using a special freight elevator, or noise concerns, our foreman will work with you to ensure all concerns are taken care of.

We Can Move You in Any Season

Moishe’s operates in all seasons to provide our customers options for a successful seasonal move at any scale.

Whether a downpour or snowstorm is in the forecast, we have covers for all major furniture and for your boxes.

Even the heat of summer does not slow us down–we are here to put your mind at rest and provide the most comfortable moving experience possible.

For your convenience, if you don’t feel comfortable with weather conditions, let us know and we can push the move date forward to the next best day.


"Advanced Moving Technology" - Always Know Where Your Truck Is

We have GPS tracking on all of our trucks so you can be assured of the location of your belongings at any time during the move.

We are happy to provide you with a location update at any time, so you will never have to worry about where your truck and belongings are.

Key Local Moving Tips

The key to moving day is having everything you need close at hand, no further than an arm’s reach. Create a moving day essentials box. This is beyond just what you need in your purse or bookbag. This would include things like toilet paper, a pot or a pan to cook that first new home meal, toothbrushes and toothpaste, and extra socks. Most of your normal items will be packed, so it’s a good idea to have these things readily available

Take a picture of how all your electronics’ cords are set up. This can save you hours of stress when it’s time to get your TV, or computer set-up.

Keep cleaning supplies nearby both for the old place and the new place. You never know when there could be a spill.

Make sure your phone is always charged. It’s not a bad idea to buy a portable charger and an extra cord as a back-up as well. A dead cell phone could be a real bummer on moving day.

Sort your things by category. Think of your belongings like books in a library. Try to put like things together, even if they are in different parts of the house. This will make your life easier when it’s time to unpack everything

Use small and medium-sized cardboard boxes for folded clothes. This way they aren’t overwhelmingly heavy when you’re moving them around your home

Utilize wardrobe boxes for your formal dresses, blouses, dress shirts, and suits. Anything that wrinkles easily is best served by being moved this way.

Use wheeled suitcases or duffel bags for shoes and other heavier apparel such as coats wherever possible, as these are the heaviest clothing types.

Create a master to-do list for moving day. Start your list early and create a shared Google Doc with whomever is moving with you to ensure nothing is missed.

Pack your art a few weeks before your move. It’s very easy to overlook packing these ahead of time. But as you approach moving day, it’s easy to underestimate the time and care necessary to pack these items safely.

Don’t forget to change your address and set up your mail forwarding! This is one of the most frequently forgotten tasks in the hustle to get the move done