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Our Expert Movers Can Prepare And Pack Everything For You

We offer packing services in connection with your move to help your move go faster and smoother.

We’ve planned and executed moves that range from a growing family’s effects to moving a DIY aircraft out of an apartment.

Every move requires detailed planning. We are happy to assist you and help you think through how to get your move done with minimal stress.

When planning for your move, the one thing you don’t have to worry about is Moishe’s service.

Packing Your Belongings for the Trip Ahead

Not everyone can scavenge boxes and crates all around town to recycle for their move. The very thought of having to put effort in going out of your way to lug supplies back on top of a busy work schedule is not most people’s idea of fun.


Pack an Essentials Box

Once you have moved all personal belongings into your new home and all the movers are gone, there is no way you’ll finish unpacking that same night–you will probably only be craving your bed.

To avoid unpacking all of your boxes in search of your toothbrush, pack an essentials box.

The essentials box should include your toothbrush, pajamas, toilet paper, clean bedsheets, shampoo, and any other items you think you will need the first night in your new home.

Then, you will be able to get a good night’s sleep and use your extra energy to unpack the following day

How to Ensure You Are Packing Mostly Efficiently (Tips)

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second and admit that nobody likes packing. It is difficult to start, time consuming, and never seems to end.

So, we have assembled some of the best long-distance moving tips to make your next move a simple process.

Following these tips may save you time, money, and the environment, so make sure to read them all and incorporate them into your next move.


Do Not Forget About Nooks

Your most valued possessions need extra time and attention.

To pack these items, get lots of bubble wrap, masking tape, coats, towels, clothes, boxes, and styrofoam peanuts.

Make sure every nook and cranny of your box or item is covered in layers of protection, and then give it a shake. If the item jiggles in the box at all, your item is not safe and will be susceptible to damage

One Year Rule

By now, you may have noticed the phenomenon that every time you are getting ready to move, you find a new or lost item.

If you have not worn or used an item in the past year, consider throwing it out. If you have not worn it for that long, the odds of you wearing it at all are very slim.

Keep in mind the more items you’ve accumulated the more money you will spend on the move.

Therefore, a purge of neglected items will make your move faster, easier, and cheaper.


Hold On To Personal Items

Even if you feel safe with your moving crew (as you should with Moishe’s), your most important items are best kept safe with you.

Here at Moishe’s, we have been providing the most trusted and convenient storage in New York City for over 30 years.

These items include:

  • Computers
  • Jewelry
  • Documentation (tax statement, passports, birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, diplomas)
  • Sentimental items (child’s favorite toys, photo albums, wedding memorabilia)
  • Cellphones
  • Cash

Having these items with you at all times will give you peace of mind and ensure that these important, often irreplaceable items are not lost.