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At Moishe’s, you can expect only the finest moving expertise from our team of movers in NYC. Along with accurate in-house quotes for the services you need.

Our movers are hand-selected to match the size and complexity of your move. Each person in our team has undergone extensive targeted training to meet our high standards for a moving company NYC  before they get the opportunity to serve you.

Our credentials, processes and systems have been modified and tweaked nearly to perfection over three decades of service.

As an additional security measure, we conduct background checks on all our moving staff as part of our onboarding process to ensure safety throughout your transition. This way, you get our most competent, trusted workers to complete your task, no matter how big or small your moving job is.

We have multiple locations centralized in New Jersey and NYC.

Our proximity to Manhattan and the surrounding areas allows you the flexibility for a quick delivery of your inventory with minimal hassle.

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More options

Secondly, it allows your business more options in the event of a critical change in objectives that requires unplanned mobilization and more.

Lastly, being a singular moving and storage company gives you and your business an integrated logistics solution that can be called upon regularly and is already familiar with the layout and processes of your inventory management system.

Integrated logistics solution

Lastly, being a singular moving company gives you and your business an integrated logistics solution that can be called upon regularly and is already familiar with the layout and processes of your inventory management system.

Specialization Means Efficiency-

We Cater To You!

We’ve have differentiated our processes to focus on three major markets:

The hospitality community
The interior design community
The marketing industry

To support these needs, we’ve built unique facilities for each industry.

All three segments use unified tracking software that ensures accuracy and follows the latest best practices in cybersecurity.

A history built to serve you: The results will
speak for itself

Since 1983, our evolution from a humble “man with a van” to a multiple-location moving company owes it to serving our roots: New York City and New Jersey.

After three decades of earning business from residential and commercial clients, we rapidly expanded with different options to better serve your needs.

Perhaps you’d rather consult the experiences of others. We have totaled 570 reviews on Google, along with a history of us on Wikipedia.

Highly Rated Across Various Platforms

Ever notice that companies almost always have stellar reviews on Yelp?

This artificial inflation is due to companies buying fake positive ratings, making it a lot harder to find a company with a tarnished reputation that may overcharge or handle your things poorly.

Rather than finding a positive review, the Better Business Bureau allows you to write a review as well as file a complaint. By directly looking up a company on the BBB website you can take a look at what real people (not bots) had to say about their moving experiences.

We have achieved an A+ BBB rating because of our consistent, dedicated service toward our customers.

We have plenty of customers who have had successful moving stories with us. Feel free to look us up on Yelp and Google to read feedback from real, satisfied customers.

Faith in Us: “Loyalty” Benefits

We offer benefits such as additional free boxes and packing supplies to returning customers.

Refer a friend for their first move with us and not only will they receive a discount, but you can receive a gift card up to $100.

Why We Are Different

We are more than just a simple moving and storage company and more than just a basic commercial warehouse.

Moishe’s is a commercial storage provider with a state-of-the-art inventory management system and white-glove service. The advantages of enterprise storage with Moishe’s Inventory Management include:

Hands-off Receiving:

You never need to be physically on-site to receive and release your items, our staff handles everything. However, the option to receive or deliver your items yourself is always available.

Weekend Deliveries:

Our in-house movers and delivery teams are available 7 days a week.

Accuracy On-Demand:

Our in-warehouse inventory management system gives you the ability to place an order online and to generate reports. It also provides accurate verification of your inventory via imaging. Ability to place a predetermined destruction date on specific items is also available.

Our Fleet

Whether you need a small truck or an eighteen wheeler, we have trucks in all different sizes.

All licenses are up meticulously attended to and are kept current as per the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), New Jersey Department of Transportation, and the New York State Department of Transportation standards.

You are bound to find the perfect crew to contain and accomplish your move.

No Matter the Distance, We Will Take You There

Whether if it’s moving down the block, the next complex over, or to the other side of the country, there is no distance too long or too short for us.

If you’re sick of the city scene, we have all the licenses and climate-controlled vehicles that will get you to your new state without any disturbance while giving you peace of mind and comfort.

We close the gap for you and treat your valuables as if they were our own. Our movers are trained and experienced packers, masterfully protecting your valuables every step of the relocation.

Free Move To Storage

Rooms As Low As $29*. Commercial And Residential Units Available.

Moving for Charity

We make monthly donations to The Wounded Warrior Foundation and The Susan G. Komen Foundation to show our reverence to our veterans and those who work earnestly to ensure a tomorrow through breast cancer research. Furthermore, we have committed ourselves to contribute to The No Kid Hungry and The American Heart Association to help diminish the youth hunger and to fight heart disease in the US.

Using our services also allows you to indirectly give back to the community and to righteous causes we face collectively.

Your next move will move others to a better future.

Susan G. Komen

This is What the Media Thinks About Our Work

It is a great honor to receive opportunities in getting our stories captured by leading publication companies and journalists for the work we do for
our clients across the country, ranging from several community projects that cater to the arts, research, architecture, and education.

We are recognized by media outlets such as Wikipedia, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Miami Herald.

Community Projects:
Rebuilding Culture

We are affiliated with a number of architectural projects that facilitate a renewal of culture surrounding fine arts through Mana Contemporary and The Mana Wynwood.

Both spaces serve communal roles in hosting art exhibitions and a shared goal to reinvent the neighborhood as a melting pot of culture through architecture.

Our headquarters where our business blossomed: New York City and Jersey City. We pride ourselves in serving the most hardworking and fast-paced locals in the megalopolis and capital of the world. Maintaining
a reputable status where competition is highly concentrated isn’t an easy feat to accomplish.

Moving you to where you need to be to achieve success and happiness is our greatest joy and our lifeblood. We are professionally and emotionally invested in your interests.

Wherever your new place is located, we want to be a part of your journey. Contact us and receive a consultation where we can discuss services that are best suited for your new home or office.

Our Headquarters, Our Home, Our Community

What People Are Saying

Highest Google rating among NYC moving companies with more than 500 reviews

Joe. L

“Moving with Moishe is the only stress free moving experience I’ve ever have. Tylil and his crew were extremely professional and handled all my things with more care than I even would. They made quick work packing up all my stuff and were amazingly accommodating about boxing up loose stuff that appeared during the move. My local hardware store ran out of wardrobe boxes so they even provided ones they had and helped me box up my hanging clothes. Can’t say enough good things about these guys, will only use Moishe going forward. Thanks so much!”

Kevin S.

“This my third go with Moishe’s. All were good experiences, but this round was the best. The guys were really friendly, professional, and most important of all, they took really good care of my stuff and moved it all very fast.

I was quoted for a four hour move and they got it done in two! Kosta was doing all the packaging and organizing — he’s a real pro and a good guy. Thank you Kosta!”

Ann Cohen

“Moving my one bedroom apartment (with lots of stuff) was a SEAMLESS
experience! The team responsible for this successful move was Frank (the foreman) Carlos, Terrance and Marvin. They were all professional, skilled and even empathic. They continued to ask me how I was doing! Watching this team work was “poetry in motion”. They worked together beautifully, like a well choreographed dance. This team was AMAZING!!!!”

Lara Glorioso

“The team from Moishe’s moving, lead by Alex Guerero, were very professional and courteous. Alex and his team wrapped our furniture with blankets and packaged everything very well and efficiently like a well-oiled machine. Alex dismantled our large pieces and put them back together with ease. They were great, and we would use them again when the time comes.”

Trust-Ensuring Certifications

Founded in 1936, the American Moving & Storage Association is a nonprofit trade association .

Members of the AMSA participate in 1.3-1.5 million moves each year. If a moving company, such as Moishe’s, is a member of the AMSA, they have met the licensing and insurance requirements set by the AMSA. We are a long-standing member of AMSA.

All moving vehicles are required to have a USDOT number when they register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The USDOT number is a unique identifier that collects and monitors information on the company’s safety as described during audits, inspections, compliance reviews, and crash investigations.

Since January 1, 2000, the FMCS has overseen the regulations and safety of large vehicles involved in commercial use. They have constructed the set of regulations for long-distance moves otherwise known as the Customer’s Rights and Responsibilities.

It is a short booklet that highlights the rights and responsibilities of both parties (you and the movers).

These include:

  • Estimates (binding or nonbinding) of the liability coverage
  • A detailed explanation of who’s responsible for damaged items (depending on the protection damaged items may not be fully covered)
  • What should be included in your moving paperwork