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Judicious Decisions

Committing yourself to eco-friendly moving tips is a great way to conserve. At Moishe’s Moving, we’re all about reducing waste for an efficient, eco-friendly moving experience.

How many companies specializing in the moving industry can you count on your hands that have both integrity and sustainability?

All standard moving companies offer cardboard boxes as stable for containers, but we include the option of rentable green boxes for those who are environmentally conscious and looking to contribute less to paper waste.

You get additional protection for your belongings, especially if you’re caught moving on a rainy day–cardboard’s worst nightmare.


Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

Here are a couple of green moving tips to keep in mind while preparing for your big move.

  • Before starting the packing process, focus on decluttering. One of the best parts of moving is that it gives you an opportunity to reevaluate all the items in your home. See if there is anything that you can get rid of, donate, or re-sell before packaging it up for your move.
  • Ultimately, the less you have to pack, the less packing materials you’ll need to use, thereby reducing your waste. Moreover, the fewer items you have the pack, the less you’ll have to spend on the cost of moving and labor.
  • Try to donate as many of your gently used items to a local charitable organization or friends and family members who could repurpose the items. Make sure you’re disposing of any unwanted items in an eco-friendly manner— Hazardous materials that contain gas or other chemicals have a special disposal process, so make sure you’re following the manufacturer’s instructions accordingly.
  • When it comes time to package up your items, try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. If you’re going with our expert packaging services, ask about our green packing material options.
  •  If you choose to pack your items on your own, try to reuse as many cardboard boxes as possible instead of running out to buy new ones. You can call local grocery stores or check websites like Craigslist for anyone who may have extra boxes on hand. They’re likely happy to get rid of excess waste, and you won’t have to spend unnecessary money on extra packaging materials.
  • You can use clothes and soft cloths/blankets to help insulate and protect some of your items instead of always deferring to disposable wrapping paper or bubble wrap. There’s also the option to rent reusable plastic bins for eco-friendly, reusable packing materials. This will also incentivize you to fully unpack your items once you’ve moved to your new home.
  • Green bubble wrap and packing peanuts can also be purchased to further reduce your output. Don’t forget, any container you’re packing in your home can be filled with items. Clean, empty trash cans, laundry hampers, and more can all be used as packing receptacles. Socks and towels can be used to wrap small valuables or breakable kitchenware like mugs or glasses.
  • Once you’re in your new home, recycle your used packing materials. Donate any of your unused packing items or save them for your next move. You can list them on community boards for anyone who is moving in your area.
  • Having an eco-friendly move will take a bit more effort for sure, but it is definitely worth the hassle to reduce wastes, and oftentimes, the cost of moving altogether. There are plenty of simple adjustments you can make to your moving routine to make it more eco-friendly. Call Moishe’s Moving today to hear more about green moving possibilities.