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Am I Supposed to Tip?

After a long move, you and your family will not be the only ones tired. Your movers will be too, but they will ensure that all your items are safely unloaded from the truck and placed into the spot you choose before getting any rest.

Considering how long they have spent packing and unpacking your items with care (maybe a flight or two of stairs was involved), it is a nice gesture on your part to give them each an equal tip.

You can even take it one step further by providing them with a cold beverage and some snacks during the move.

As for how much you should tip, it will depend on your budget as well as your satisfaction with the move, but $4-5/hour per mover is a good general range. If your movers were excessively late, handled your items poorly, or treated you with contempt, do not feel obligated to give a generous tip or any tip at all.

Here Are Some Scenarios in Which It Might Be a Good Idea to Tip:

  • Your movers showed up on time to your requested location
  • They clearly went above and beyond to ensure that all of your items were kept safe and sound
  • Your movers had to navigate an excess number of stairs or compact city spaces (especially walk-up apartments or building without freight elevator access)
  • Your moving team exhibited excellent customer service and carried out a professional attitude every step of the way

If you’re strapped for cash or want to go the extra mile, go out of your way to leave a positive review on sites like TrustPilot or Yelp. You can mention the specific names of the moving team members who helped assist you. That way, our team managers will know who is going the extra mile to make sure that our customers are well cared for.

Favorable reviews can be extremely helpful for businesses and individual employees, so if you have the time to leave one, it will certainly benefit your moving team.


If you had a great experience with Moishe’s Moving, we’d love to hear about it! Give us a call at any time. Tipping or reviews are never expected but also appreciated by everyone on our team.