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Moishe’s Moves Fine Art,
Wine, And Antiques


Wine, fine art, and antique collectors require moving companies to use extreme caution when moving their timeless pieces. This kind of skill can only be developed over years of thorough training.


Wine, fine art, and antique collectors require moving companies to use extreme caution when moving their timeless pieces. This kind of skill can only be developed over years of thorough training.

Comprehensive Protection and Preservation


Our white glove moving service specializes in moving valuable and fragile goods to keep your valuables appropriately secure. Our movers approach your white glove move with a simple goal in mind— Comprehensive protection and preservation.


Whether you have antique furniture, sculptures, or artwork, we are here to help. Each of our white glove moving specialists is trained to approach each collection and item independently, ensuring that your valuables get the attention to detail that they deserve.

The White Glove Service Process

While packing your items, we use top of the line packaging materials ensuring that your items are kept safe and sound in storage, which is what sets us apart from other NYC moving companies. We also have on-site dust covers and custom protection plans at our disposal to ensure that you feel great about transporting your most valuable and fragile goods.

We have climate-controlled trucks, so you never have to worry about your art being compromised by the elements. Regardless, we’ll help package your items thoroughly so that any sort of outside exposure is minimal. Even a short move in a non-controlled environment can damage antiques, so we take extra care to ensure that your luxury goods are kept in pristine condition every step of the way.

Special Climate-Controlled Storage for Art, Wine, and Antiques

If you do choose to go with one of our storage lockers or units your items will also be kept in a monitored, secure, and moisture-controlled facility. We’re trained to handle luxury moving to and from homes or storage locations, so you won’t have to ever worry about having access to your precious items.

Our professional movers understand that these items hold a lot of value and must be treated as such. From packing and unpacking, in-between transportation, and storage, the entire process needs to be dealt with intense precision and care.

We can also break down your valuable collection into storage environments as you see fit. Our movers understand that not all items should be stored in the same way for proper preservation. We take great pride in our relentless attention to detail and unwillingness to offer anything short of the best.

For example, if you are a wine enthusiast and concerned about the transferal of spirits, you can put your mind at ease knowing that we are experts at handling investment-grade wines.


Wine Storage Cellars

We also have wine cellars as part of Moishe’s Self-Storage which is constantly maintained at a temperature of 55° Fahrenheit and 70% humidity, so you never have to worry about your property being damaged.


Storage Security

Our secure storing houses are built with secure monitors, locks, and surveillance to ensure that your private collection is kept safe and sound. Moishe’s moving can offer you the peace of mind that other companies can’t due to our experienced protection models. Ultimately, we can offer you the best protection around because we have dealt with a number of niches storing scenarios that other companies simply haven’t lived through.


Moishe's Moving White Glove Service

At Moishe’s, we’re trained to give your items the best storage possible— Not whatever is the most convenient. We understand that vintage pieces and collections need to be approached differently than everyday items. This factor is evident in the way that we tailor our services to your specific needs.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the white glove service and hear about your specific collection. If you have special requests or parameters that should be taken into consideration during your move, we want to hear about it. After all, the best way to have a seamless move is through clear communication. Feel free to reach out at any time!