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Moishe’s Moves Fine Art, Wine,
And Antiques


Wine, fine art, and antique collectors require moving companies to use extreme caution when moving their timeless pieces. This kind of skill can only be developed over years of thorough training.

Comprehensive Protection and Preservation by
Moishe's White Glove Moving


At Moishe's, our white glove moving and storage services are designed to offer unparalleled protection for your valuable possessions. Our movers approach your white glove move with a simple goal in mind - Comprehensive protection and preservation.

Our team of white glove moving specialists meticulously handle every aspect of your move, from individual packing supplies to the final placement in your new space, ensuring every item receives the personalized care it deserves.

Our Process: Ensuring Your Valuables' Safety

When it comes to securing your valuables for a move, we employ only the finest packaging materials to ensure your items remain safe and protected in storage. We aim to give you peace of mind when transporting your most prized and delicate possessions.

Our expert team takes comprehensive measures to package your items meticulously, minimizing any risk of damage due to external conditions. Recognizing the vulnerability of antiques to even the shortest journeys in unregulated environments, we go above and beyond to ensure your luxury items maintain their pristine condition at every phase of the move.


Special Climate-Controlled Storage for Art, Wine,
and Antiques

Choose our white glove moving and storage for your art, wine, and antiques, and enjoy peace of mind with our secure, climate-controlled facilities. As a premier white glove moving company, we ensure luxury care for your items, making accessibility concerns a thing of the past.

Our team of professional movers is acutely aware of the intrinsic value of your items and treats them with the utmost care. The entire journey, from packing to unpacking, transport, and storage, is executed with intense precision, care and attention to detail.

Understanding the unique needs of each valuable, we expertly tailor storage conditions for optimal preservation, whether it's for a prized wine collection or various collectables. Our dedication to quality service means your items receive the specialized care they warrant. We will determine the best storage location according to your specific needs.

Rely on our white glove moving service for unmatched protection and care, guaranteeing your valuable possessions are in the best hands.


Ready to experience the Moishe’s difference?
Just Click, Pack and Relax - We’ll handle the rest!


Wine Storage Cellars

Our meticulously maintained wine cellars are a testament to Moishe's expertise in white glove moving services, providing the ideal environment for your investment-grade wines with constant temperature and humidity control. Our dedicated wine storage cellars, part of our sister company Mana Wine, are meticulously maintained at 55°F and 70% humidity, ensuring your wine collection remains intact and undamaged.


Storage Security

Security is paramount in our storage facilities at Moishe's. Equipped with secure monitors, locks, and surveillance, our storage facilities guarantee the safety of your private collection. Our proven protection models place us at the forefront of white glove moving and storage, offering unmatched peace of mind and distinguishing us from other NYC moving companies. 


Moishe's Moving White Glove Service

Understanding that each vintage piece and collection requires a unique approach is what sets Moishe's apart as a premier white glove moving company. We are dedicated to customizing our services to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless and worry-free move.

Your questions and special requests are always welcome as they help us refine our moving services to serve you better. Clear communication is key to a successful move, and we're here to listen and assist every step of the way.

For more information about what is white glove moving service, and how Moishe's can assist with your next move, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Experience the difference with Moishe's Moving Systems—where your valuables are treated with the care and respect they deserve

Experience the Difference With Our
Moving & Storage Services


Moishe's Self Storage is a trusted choice for premier storage solutions, providing peace of mind for both residential and commercial needs. With state-of-the-art facilities, a strong commitment to security, and convenient locations, Moishe's stands out as a reliable option for those seeking top-notch storage with a focus on accessibility and dependability.

Let Us Handle The Heavy Lifting - At No Extra Cost To You!

For the same price as traditional self storage, we’ll take care of every aspect of the storage process.

We Pack It.
We Pack It.

Our expert movers will
pack up your belongings, taking
careful inventory of your

We Grab It.
We Grab It.

We’ll load your items onto our
trucks and transport them to
one of our NYC storage facilities. You won’t
need to lift a finger!

We Store It.
We Store It.

We offer two kinds of storage
options - both housed in a secure
facility. Let us help you find
the best fit!

We Return It.
We Return It.

Ready to retrieve your items from
storage? Just let us know what
items you want, and when you’re
available to receive them.

Ask about our Storage On Demand today (800) 536-6564

Moving & Storage Tips

Always ready to help our customers, we offer curated tips on moving and storage by our moving and storage expert Nissim Falid

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See What Our Customers are Saying

Stephanie Scott
Stephanie Scott

Anthony and Pascal, immediately attended to my need to move a small office in a weeks time. It was done and it went smoothly. Cost perfect, moving team efficiently handled by Steve. This is the second time I used Moishe's services and will do it again!!

Lauren Liberman
Lauren Liberman

We have used Moishes for three moves in and around NY/NJ. Reliable, timely, and our estimates have always been spot on to the final cost.

Raphael Eidus
Raphael Eidus

Did a great job with my move. Really efficient and careful. They worked efficiently that they were able to significantly beat the time estimate and saved me a lot of money. Friendly and professional. My second time using Moishe's.

Anthony Glover
Anthony Glover

These guys are amazing. They (four person team) wrapped and boxed a 2-bedroom apartment in under 5 hours.

Jemayne Cullum
Jemayne Cullum

I had two of the best guys this company can produce they were efficient, patient, and literally moved to my beat.

Victoria Carter
Victoria Carter

I had a wonderful experience with Asher and his crew for my move! They were kind and patient and went above and beyond with everything

Richard Schlimbach
Richard Schlimbach

What a fantastic job from the 2 men who moved my bedroom furniture, mattress and TV. They were polite and so professional.

Dack Justiz
Dack Justiz

My experience with Moishe’s was stellar. Moving sucks. Moving in NY sucks. Moishe’s made it painless and easy

Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts

Great job by the team! Omar did great work and his team was super professional. They worked efficiently and knocked out our move