Do You Have a Long Distance or Interstate Move Coming Up? Check Out Moishe’s Definitive Guide Based on 35 Years of Experience and the “Best” Quality Service

Are you planning a long-distance move outside of the Tri-state area?

At Moishe’s, we have all the great qualities you would want in your NYC long distance movers:

  • 35 years working with and becoming experts in the New York community
  • A talented customer support team ready to respond to any questions or concerns you may have
  • A large team of trained movers who will do all the heavy lifting for you
  • Low prices and plenty of specials and discounts to make your move more affordable

We have composed the following list to display all the information you should know when choosing a moving company, and why Moishe’s NYC movers will be the best choice for you.

We are a reputable and fully licensed moving company that has been around since 1983, so we know exactly how to accomplish a seamless and affordable long-distance move.

We specialize in interstate moves from NYC to bustling cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, but we can transport your belongings anywhere within the continental United States.

Our 18-wheelers will have you feeling assured that your most valuable belongings, from large pieces of furniture to valuable art, will arrive on time in the same condition you left them.

We have also included a range of useful tips that you should consider following while planning your long-distance move.

Do Not Forget About Your Vehicles

What about your car or truck?

If you are taking your car, prepare it for the long drive. Have a mechanic give it a safety inspection close to the time you are getting ready to leave.

Also, be sure to pack a spare tire or two. The last thing you need on a long trip is to have an unexpected delay in the middle of nowhere due to a flat tire.

What about selling your car?

If the car is too old or you simply do not want to take your car across the country, consider this option. It may simply be easier and more economical for you to sell this car and get a new one.


Although uncommon, accidents happen, and damage or loss of your property may occur.

Movers insurance is used to protect your personal belongings during the move. It is not necessary, but it may be something you want–especially if you have a lot of expensive items, delicate electronics, and other highly valuable objects.

We offer two types of insurance:

The first is Released-Value Protection, provided at no additional charge to the customer in accordance with federal regulations.

For damaged or lost items during a move, you receive $.60 per pound per article. However, this does not give you ample coverage.

If you are transporting items of value, it is worth looking into Third Party Insurance.

First, you should check your homeowner’s insurance to see if your belongings are covered in transit, and if not, you should research options.

Choosing which option is best for you will depend on the value of your items as well as any natural disasters you may be exposed to on your long distance move.