According to the governors office, moving is considered an essential business, and can continue to operate. Moishe’s Moving is fully operational and is taking every possible precaution to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Including but not limited to, wearing gloves, sanitizing our trucks and keeping the recommended distance from each other. We will continue to maintain the high-quality service our customers deserve. For more information regarding our procedures, please click on this message.

Do You Have a Long Distance or Interstate Move Coming Up? Check Out Moishe’s Definitive Guide Based on 35 Years of Experience and the “Best” Quality Service


Are you planning a long-distance move outside of the Tri-state area?

At Moishe’s, we have all the great qualities you would want in your moving company:

  • 35 years working with and becoming experts in the New York community
  • A talented customer support team ready to respond to any questions or concerns you may have
  • A large team of trained movers who will do all the heavy lifting for you
  • Low prices and plenty of specials and discounts to make your move more affordable

We have composed the following list to display all the information you should know when choosing a moving company, and why Moishe’s will be the best choice for you.

We are a reputable and fully licensed moving company that has been around since 1983, so we know exactly how to accomplish a seamless and affordable long-distance move.

We specialize in interstate moves from NYC to bustling cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Baltimore, but we can transport your belongings anywhere within the continental United States.

Our 18-wheelers will have you feeling assured that your most valuable belongings, from large pieces of furniture to valuable art, will arrive on time in the same condition you left them.

We have also included a range of useful tips that you should consider following while planning your long-distance move.

Our Story and Mission

The story of Moishe’s started in 1983 when the company began its humble roots as a one-man operation with a single red van in its fleet.

Seven years later, Moishe’s had become the largest independent moving company in NYC, and decades later we have remained dedicated toward the craft of moving and providing our customers with the best service possible.
We pride ourselves on revitalizing neighborhoods and creating new jobs and opportunities through our services and contributions, and we hope that we can add you as part of our story.

Full Service Moves

If packing is not your thing, then do not fret because we can send an expert team of movers to carefully pack your belongings before loading them onto the moving truck.

And of course, we will also unpack them when we arrive so you can focus on getting situated in your new home.

Supplies to Keep Your Things Secure

We have everything you will need to have the easiest move possible, and we also offer services to make your life a whole lot easier.

Individual moving supplies as well as supplies packages will keep your things secure, and we
will even deliver them to your door for free!

How to Effectively Organize Your Inventory

An Organization may not be one of your strong suits, but when it comes to moving, organizing will save you a lot of time and perhaps a fight or two with your roommate or significant other.

You should start packing by choosing items that can easily be replaced in your new home to save space. These items may include cleaning supplies, expired food, toiletries, and broken items.

We highly recommend making a “to-do” list, an inventory list, and labeling all your boxes.

Creating Comprehensive To-Do and Inventory Lists

To-Do List

  • Choose a moving company (Moishe’s)
  • Make an inventory list (Example provided below)
  • Buy boxes and bubble wrap
  • Decide when to start packing (or plan to have Moishe’s pack for you)
  • Make sure to pack your mattress in a box to avoid dirt / damages
  • Create a Moving Binder (holds all records, receipts, and documents related to your move)
  • Once you’ve signed your contract with Moishe’s it’s a good idea to xerox all moving documents. Keep the original copy in a safe and secure place but take the xeroxes with you on a moving day.
  • Decide the best way of bringing any pets to a new home

Inventory List Example

  • Color code lists and boxes (create one list / color per room)
  • Pack smaller items into larger ones and take note of where everything goes
    a. Suitcases are especially useful for this
  • Label all your boxes
    a. Boxes should include your name and address (in case boxes are misplaced)
  • Make it easier to find items by labeling boxes with words like “tools”, “toys”, “electronics”

Prohibited Items

There are certain items that we will not move for you because of different laws set in each state that prohibit or restrict certain goods.

  • Corrosives
  • Carcinogens
  • Fireworks
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Liquor (alcohol)
  • Guns firearms and ammunition
  • Food (perishables includes frozen items)
  • Pets
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Lighter fluid / matches
  • Yard equipment with fuel
  • Motor oil / antifreeze
  • Signal flares
  • Car batteries
  • Pesticides
  • Poison
  • Scuba tanks
  • Kerosene
  • Pool chemicals

If you are worried about being able to move a certain item, give us a call and one of our Moishe’s staff would love to help you out.

Check Home and Apartment Regulations

Moving-in and moving-out regulations vary between apartments and houses.

If you live in a house, there is usually no “wrong time” to move out, unless you live in a neighborhood or community which has late night or early morning time restrictions in place.

If you are moving into or moving out of an apartment, there is a good chance there may be certain restraints. The building may have a guideline that states you may not move out on the weekends or you may not move outside the hours of 9AM-5PM, for example.

Find out whether or not this is the case for your building to avoid violating any rules at both your origin and destination locations and be sure to let us know so we can play accordingly.

The last thing you need on moving day is to irritate your neighbors before getting the chance to know them.

Pack an Essentials Box

Once you have moved all personal belongings into your new home and all the movers are gone, there is no way you’ll finish unpacking that same night–you will probably only be craving your bed.

To avoid unpacking all of your boxes in search of your toothbrush, pack an essentials box.

The essentials box should include your toothbrush, pajamas, toilet paper, clean bedsheets, shampoo, and any other items you think you will need the first night in your new home.

Then, you will be able to get a good night’s sleep and use your extra energy to unpack the following day

Trust-Ensuring Certifications

Founded in 1936, the American Moving & Storage Association is a nonprofit trade association .

Members of the AMSA participate in 1.3-1.5 million moves each year. If a moving company, such as Moishe’s, is a member of the AMSA, they have met the licensing and insurance requirements set by the AMSA. We are a long-standing member of AMSA.

All moving vehicles are required to have a USDOT number when they register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

The USDOT number is a unique identifier that collects and monitors information on the company’s safety as described during audits, inspections, compliance reviews, and crash investigations.

Since January 1, 2000, the FMCS has overseen the regulations and safety of large vehicles involved in commercial use. They have constructed the set of regulations for long-distance moves otherwise known as the Customer’s Rights and Responsibilities.

It is a short booklet that highlights the rights and responsibilities of both parties (you and the movers).

These include:

  • Estimates (binding or nonbinding) of the liability coverage
  • A detailed explanation of who’s responsible for damaged items (depending on the protection damaged items may not be fully covered)
  • What should be included in your moving paperwork

Highly Rated Across Various Platforms

Ever notice that companies almost always have stellar reviews on Yelp?

This artificial inflation is due to companies buying fake positive ratings, making it a lot harder to find a company with a tarnished reputation that may overcharge or handle your things poorly.

Rather than finding a positive review, the Better Business Bureau allows you to write a review as well as file a complaint. By directly looking up a company on the BBB website you can take a look at what real people (not bots) had to say about their moving experiences.

We have achieved an A+ BBB rating because of our consistent, dedicated service toward our customers.

We have plenty of customers who have had successful moving stories with us. Feel free to look us up on Yelp and Google to read feedback from real, satisfied customers.


Although uncommon, accidents happen, and damage or loss of your property may occur.

Movers insurance is used to protect your personal belongings during the move. It is not necessary, but it may be something you want–especially if you have a lot of expensive items, delicate electronics, and other highly valuable objects.

We offer two types of insurance:

The first is Released-Value Protection, provided at no additional charge to the customer in accordance with federal regulations.

For damaged or lost items during a move, you receive $.60 per pound per article. However, this does not give you ample coverage.

If you are transporting items of value, it is worth looking into Third Party Insurance.

First, you should check your homeowner’s insurance to see if your belongings are covered in transit, and if not, you should research options.

Choosing which option is best for you will depend on the value of your items as well as any natural disasters you may be exposed to on your long distance move.

Easy and Simple Self-Storage 2019

Sometimes moving in and out dates will not align.

You may start a new job on Monday and not have enough time to meet with movers until the weekend. You may be downsizing your house and no longer have all the space you had before.

Whichever the case may be, you may want to consider renting a storage unit.

At Moishe’s Self-Storage, we have two convenient locations in Long Island City, Queens and the South Bronx, right across from Harlem.

Our rates start at less than $30/month, and we have a ton of specials, including a free-pickup and delivery, so you have no excuse not to try it out.

Tax Deductibles

As of 2018, the IRS Form 3903 is used for a moving expense deduction when you are relocating for work related reasons.

Note that there are a few requirements to qualify for this tax deductible.

  • The total amount of money reflected should show the amount of money you spent
  • If your employer reimburses you for any amount of money it cannot be included in the IRS Form 3903.
  • You must stay with this employer for a minimum of 39 weeks
  • You are expected to be working within a year
  • Your new home must be at least 50 miles away from the old home.
  • Other acceptable expenses included in the form may be gas, tools, and hotel costs (for long-distance moves)

Am I Supposed to Tip?

After a long move, you and your family will not be the only ones tired.

Your movers will be too, but they will ensure that all your items are safely unloaded from the truck and placed into the spot you choose before getting any rest.

Considering how long they have spent packing and unpacking your items with care (maybe a flight or two of stairs was involved), it is a nice gesture on your part to give them each an equal tip.

You can even take it one step further by providing them with a cold beverage and some snacks during the move.

As for how much you should tip, it will depend on your budget as well as your satisfaction with the move, but $4-5/hour per mover is a good general range.

If your movers were excessively late, handled your items poorly, or treated you with contempt, do not feel obligated to give a generous tip or any tip at all.

How to Ensure You Are Packing Mostly Efficiently (Tips)

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a second and admit that nobody likes packing. It is difficult to start, time consuming, and never seems to end.

So, we have assembled some of the best long-distance moving tips to make your next move a simple process.

Following these tips may save you time, money, and the environment, so make sure to read them all and incorporate them into your next move.

Go Ahead and Donate

If you have a plethora of gently used items that you have no use for anymore, consider starting a donation pile.

Donating clothing, furniture, and nonperishable food to others who need them instead of throwing them out is always a plus.

This way you help the environment by reusing resources, and any donations you make are most likely tax deductible (so make sure you keep the receipts).

Judicious decisions

Although bubble wrap is one of the best materials used to pack items, you may want to consider other alternatives before turning to plastic.

Buying bubble wrap may not only get pricey, but it is not biodegradable and can cause harmful consequences to the environment.

Alternatives to plastic wrapping include:

  • Making use of your puffy winter coats and bundling them around dishware
  • Wrapping your towels around silverware
  • Using your clothes to cushion boxes

Keep an Eye Out for Scams

When moving from New York City to a different location, keeping track of your items may be a challenge.

Because of the lengthy distances and many expenses associated with long-distance moving, it is important to choose a company that will not attack you with hidden fees upon completion of your move.

To avoid getting scammed into having your personal belongings kept hostage check to see if the company is reputable through the following:

  • Ensure the company is found on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Check to see if the company’s location is listed and found on Google maps
  • Check for a valid DOT number
  • Check to see if the company has valid local and interstate moving licenses
  • Check to see complaints found on the BBB
  • Read reviews on Google or Yelp
  • Look for what year the company was established (the newer the company the higher the risk)
  • Take your time to conduct your own research to make sure all of your expectations are met.

Do Not Forget About Nooks

Your most valued possessions need extra time and attention.

To pack these items, get lots of bubble wrap, masking tape, coats, towels, clothes, boxes, and styrofoam peanuts.

Make sure every nook and cranny of your box or item is covered in layers of protection, and then give it a shake. If the item jiggles in the box at all, your item is not safe and will be susceptible to damage.

One Year Rule

By now, you may have noticed the phenomenon that every time you are getting ready to move, you find a new or lost item.

If you have not worn or used an item in the past year, consider throwing it out. If you have not worn it for that long, the odds of you wearing it at all are very slim.

Keep in mind the more items you’ve accumulated the more money you will spend on the move.

Therefore, a purge of neglected items will make your move faster, easier, and cheaper.

Hold On To Personal Items

Even if you feel safe with your moving crew (as you should with Moishe’s), your most important items are best kept safe with you.

These items include:

  • Computers
  • Jewelry
  • Documentation (tax statement, passports, birth certificates, social security cards, medical records, diplomas)
  • Sentimental items (child’s favorite toys, photo albums, wedding memorabilia)
  • Cellphones
  • Cash

Having these items with you at all times will give you peace of mind and ensure that these important, often irreplaceable items are not lost.

Do Not Forget About Your Vehicles

What about your car or truck?

If you are taking your car, prepare it for the long drive. Have a mechanic give it a safety inspection close to the time you are getting ready to leave.

Also, be sure to pack a spare tire or two. The last thing you need on a long trip is to have an unexpected delay in the middle of nowhere due to a flat tire.

What about selling your car?

If the car is too old or you simply do not want to take your car across the country, consider this option. It may simply be easier and more economical for you to sell this car and get a new one.

Moishe's Commercial Warehouse Offers Secure Storage.

Trust Your Commercial Storage Needs To

Moishe’s Moving and Storage!

We specialize in giving dynamic companies in the interior design, hospitality, and marketing industries an edge when managing their commercial storage and logistics needs!

Our 125,000 square foot commercial storage warehouse facilities allow us to serve as your command center for both storing and tracking all forms of inventory.

Here are some of the key benefits of working with Moishe's Moving and Storage:

  • Less time waiting for your inventory to arrive!
    Our strategic location allows for fast and efficient inventory transportation
  • You will always know where your inventory is!
    Our specialized tracking software ensures that everything is accounted for and that you always know where everything is
  • Safety! Both physically and electronically!
    Our facility has a 24-hour on-site security staff and utilizes best-in-class cybersecurity procedures

Specialization Means Efficiency-

We Cater To You!

We’ve have differentiated our processes to focus on three major markets:

The hospitality community
The interior design community
The marketing industry

To support these needs, we’ve built unique facilities for each industry.

All three segments use unified tracking software that ensures accuracy and follows the latest best practices in cybersecurity.

We’re centrally located in New Jersey, 15 minutes from NYC.

That means:


Our proximity to Manhattan and the surrounding areas allows you the flexibility for a quick delivery of your inventory with minimal hassle.

More options

Secondly, it allows your business more options in the event of a critical change in objectives that requires unplanned mobilization and more.

Lastly, being a singular moving and storage company gives you and your business an integrated logistics solution that can be called upon regularly and is already familiar with the layout and processes of your inventory management system.

Integrated logistics solution

Lastly, being a singular moving and storage company gives you and your business an integrated logistics solution that can be called upon regularly and is already familiar with the layout and processes of your inventory management system.

Pay Only For The Space You Use!

Our storage systems are configured such that every square foot is optimized, and you never pay for any unused space.

Additionally, our customizable shelving racks help you maximize your usable space, saving you money and giving you peace of mind knowing that your staff can maintain order easily.

Why We Are Different

We are more than just a simple moving and storage company and more than just a basic commercial warehouse.

Moishe’s is a commercial storage provider with a state-of-the-art inventory management system and white-glove service. The advantages of enterprise storage with Moishe’s Inventory Management include:

Hands-off Receiving:

You never need to be physically on-site to receive and release your items, our staff handles everything. However, the option to receive or deliver your items yourself is always available.

Weekend Deliveries:

Our in-house movers and delivery teams are available 7 days a week.

Accuracy On-Demand:

Our in-warehouse inventory management system gives you the ability to place an order online and to generate reports. It also provides accurate verification of your inventory via imaging. Ability to place a predetermined destruction date on specific items is also available.

Watch yourself

Our warehouse has 24-hour security alarm and fire monitoring.

Highly Trained Technicians:
Our forklift operators are careful, trained, and licensed.

In-Person item viewing:
Inspection room available for personal review of your items

Same-Day Delivery:
Delivery to your door the same day, or next day available.

Delivery Near Or Far:
Moishe’s delivers both locally in the Tri-State area and long-distance.

Companies all over the tri-state area trust our inventory management with their commercial storage needs.


Call now

and receive a free cost analysis from a commercial storage project manager.

What People Are Saying

Highest Google rating among NYC moving companies with more than 500 reviews

Joe. L

“Moving with Moishe is the only stress free moving experience I’ve ever have. Tylil and his crew were extremely professional and handled all my things with more care than I even would. They made quick work packing up all my stuff and were amazingly accommodating about boxing up loose stuff that appeared during the move. My local hardware store ran out of wardrobe boxes so they even provided ones they had and helped me box up my hanging clothes. Can’t say enough good things about these guys, will only use Moishe going forward. Thanks so much!”

Kevin S.

“This my third go with Moishe’s. All were good experiences, but this round was the best. The guys were really friendly, professional, and most important of all, they took really good care of my stuff and moved it all very fast.

I was quoted for a four hour move and they got it done in two! Kosta was doing all the packaging and organizing — he’s a real pro and a good guy. Thank you Kosta!”

Ann Cohen

“Moving my one bedroom apartment (with lots of stuff) was a SEAMLESS
experience! The team responsible for this successful move was Frank (the foreman) Carlos, Terrance and Marvin. They were all professional, skilled and even empathic. They continued to ask me how I was doing! Watching this team work was “poetry in motion”. They worked together beautifully, like a well choreographed dance. This team was AMAZING!!!!”

Lara Glorioso

“The team from Moishe’s moving, lead by Alex Guerero, were very professional and courteous. Alex and his team wrapped our furniture with blankets and packaged everything very well and efficiently like a well-oiled machine. Alex dismantled our large pieces and put them back together with ease. They were great, and we would use them again when the time comes.”