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Moving Guide

The hard part is over—you’ve found a new apartment or home that meets every standard. Only now, you need to turn it into a home. After all the stress of meeting with realtors and touring locations, the last thing you want to worry about is how to move your belongings from the past into the future.

Moving can be even more difficult than finding a new place to call home. Whether moving from one apartment to another, or into your new house, there are obstacles that can make the process feel overwhelming. Doing the move yourself may seem like a good idea at first glance, but working with experienced movers can preempt any challenges that may come up, and allow you to gain control of your time on moving day.

There are many parts of a move to consider and take into account. When it comes to moving locally with a moving company in NYC, here is a quick guide touching on some of the things you can expect to face.

Inventory List Example

  • Color code lists and boxes (create one list / color per room)
  • Pack smaller items into larger ones and take note of where everything goes
    a. Suitcases are especially useful for this
  • Label all your boxes
    a. Boxes should include your name and address (in case boxes are misplaced)
  • Make it easier to find items by labeling boxes with words like “tools”, “toys”, “electronics”

Creating Comprehensive To-Do and Inventory Lists

To-Do List

  • Choose a moving company (Moishe’s)
  • Make an inventory list (Example provided below)
  • Buy boxes and bubble wrap
  • Decide when to start packing (or plan to have Moishe’s pack for you)
  • Make sure to pack your mattress in a box to avoid dirt / damages
  • Create a Moving Binder (holds all records, receipts, and documents related to your move)
  • Once you’ve signed your contract with Moishe’s it’s a good idea to xerox all moving documents. Keep the original copy in a safe and secure place but take the xeroxes with you on a moving day.
  • Decide the best way of bringing any pets to a new home

How to Effectively Organize Your Inventory

An Organization may not be one of your strong suits, but when it comes to moving, organizing will save you a lot of time and perhaps a fight or two with your roommate or significant other.

You should start packing by choosing items that can easily be replaced in your new home to save space. These items may include cleaning supplies, expired food, toiletries, and broken items.

We highly recommend making a “to-do” list, an inventory list, and labeling all your boxes.