How to Find Moving Help in NYC

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Moving to New York City can be rather overwhelming when you’re new to the city. It becomes more difficult when you have a large household and years of accumulated belongings to pack and move to your new address. The best way to deal with the mental and physical stress of moving is to find a professional moving helper in NYC

Finding a Professional Moving Helper in NYC

If you’re moving to New York or a new apartment in the city for the first time, this list can help you find the best people to help you move to your new home. 

Here are the things you need to look for from a moving helper in NYC:

  1. Licenses – No doubt you’ll want to hire experienced or at least trained professional movers to perform the job they advertise. So ask for the following documents when inquiring about a moving company’s services:
    • Business license – You can find jacks-of-all-trades who’ll offer to help you pack and move for a much lower price than a moving company’s fees. It’s very tempting, but if your vehicle gets into an accident or some of your valuables get broken on the drive, you will have to shoulder all financial and legal responsibilities. Without insurance protection to fall on, any savings you thought you gained choosing an unlicensed service will be useless. So when moving within or into NYC, check if your chosen company has a federal license. It guarantees that they meet the basic requirements for training, insurance, safety compliance, etc.
    • Certificate of Insurance – If you’re moving into an apartment building in NYC, your building management will most likely require a certificate of insurance from your moving company. Apartment buildings and condominiums understand the nature of moving: that while carting large, heavy household items to and from a unit, there could be some accidental damage to the building, i.e., scratches on the tiles, cracks on a glass door or window. A certificate of insurance guarantees the building management that your moving company will shoulder repairs for property damage if there will be any.


2. Knowledge of NYC – Choose a moving company that knows the streets of New York very well. You’ll want drivers who know what roads to avoid during specific hours of the day (because you’ll be stuck in traffic for hours) and what the best routes to your new home are (the fastest and shortest, the better). 

3. Years in business – Movers that have been in business for a long time are a good bet because they already have strategies and SOPs for packing, transporting, unloading, and carrying large, heavy items through several flights of stairs. Seasoned movers, for example, know when it is safer to lift heavy furniture through a third-story window instead of dragging it up a couple of flights of stairs. And if they must use the stairs, they can navigate tricky, curved staircases while carrying large boxes or appliances. More importantly, they are adept at packing breakable appliances, gadgets, and other household things and securing them inside a moving truck. Your belongings won’t be in danger of falling, tipping over, or slamming against another hard object. 

4. Customer Reviews – You can verify the authenticity of a moving company’s licenses and their expertise in packing, moving, loading, and unloading by checking customer reviews. You may even be enlightened about other essential things you didn’t consider before, like whether a company charges by the hour, offers a full-service moving package, or leases vans for DIY movers.

5. Service Packages and prices – Finally, ask your shortlisted movers how much they charge. Read the fine print of the package for the inclusions and perks. Some movers charge an extra fee if they have to climb several flights of stairs. Make sure all the prices are on the table before signing anything so that you’re not burdened with surprise charges after your move.

Other Reminders

Another thing you need to consider when finding a professional moving helper in NYC is whether they can comply with your building manager’s requirements. For example, besides the certificate of insurance, some buildings in New York may ask you to move in within a specific window of time or dates. Others prohibit moving in the evening, so, along with your moving company, you would have to consider this.

Get Considerate, Friendly, and Timely Service from Our Professional Moving Helpers in NYC

Finding the right movers can make your move to a new place memorable for the right reasons. Of course, moving is a significant task, but you can minimize your stress by entrusting the heavy lifting to trained professionals.

Moishes Moving Systems has provided reliable moving and storage services in NYC for over 30 years. To make things easier for you, we offer to manage your entire move – from giving a

 free in-home estimate and planning to pack and unpacking once we arrive at your new home. In addition, we are licensed and insured and can provide a certificate of insurance if needed. 

We live and breathe this city and know its streets and New Yorkers’ habits. If this is your first time in NYC, your first time moving into town, or if you’re moving into an unfamiliar neighborhood, we are the best people to help you out. Our drivers know to avoid traffic-prone areas and tight street corners that can jolt your fragile belongings and appliances in the truck. With Moishe’s Moving Systems as your moving helper in NYC, you’ll arrive at your destination with all of your things intact.

Browse our website for more information on our moving services, send us a message, or call 800.266.8387 to schedule your move. Book your moving date early for your convenience and peace of mind.