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While you can find many moving companies that will pack for you, not all can grant you a safe and smooth moving experience.

Understandably, you may have a lot of questions about moving companies and what they’ll move and won’t move. So in this blog, we’ll help you set your expectations and prepare you for your next move.

What You Can Expect From Moving Companies That Will Pack For You?

Professional movers can essentially handle all moving tasks on your behalf. Including packing your belongings, here’s what you can expect from moving companies in NYC:

They will provide packing materials.

Buying boxes, covers, and tapes should be one less thing from your to-do list.

They will disassemble your furniture.

Whether a king-size bed frame or a single couch, movers will disassemble almost everything as you wish.

They will load and unload your belongings.

Movers will do all the heavy-lifting while ensuring the floors, walls, and corners of your items remain unscathed as they go.

They will dispose of waste.

Once movers are done with all the packing and loading, they will discard any waste, be it plastic bags or empty boxes.

What To Do Before Moving Companies That Will Pack For You Arrive

Apply the one-year rule and declutter.

As your moving day approaches, take the time to declutter and keep the one-year rule in mind. The one-year rule in decluttering refers to setting aside anything you have not used or touched within a year then selling or giving them away.

Pile what you can by category.

Most people like things done a certain way, so if you want your stuff packed in specific groups, pile these things together in the grouping that you would like. Some stuff is more manageable than others, like books and kitchen tools. Doing so will speed up the moving process while staying organized.

Prepare labels.

Preparing labels will help your movers pack and help you unpack once you are ready to get settled in your new place. Or, if you are renting storage, this will make finding certain things easier for you when you need them.

What To Do While Moving Companies Pack For You

Keep your essential bag with you.

An essential bag is one that contains your necessary and valuable items: cash, documents, toiletries, and medicine—depending on your needs, this may vary.

This essential bag should remain with you throughout the moving process, so your needs are within arm’s reach.

Help, but try not to hover.

It can be tempting to lend a hand or boss the movers around when they are packing. Remember, though, that the our team or professional movers have developed a moving system by now, so it would be best for you to keep out of the way. However, if you have a concern that needs immediate action, raise it to whoever is in charge.

Practice courtesy.

Remember that the movers are doing their job, so treat them as the professionals they are.

What Moving Companies Won’t Move For You

Movers will pack and move almost anything, but there are limitations. Here are some of what movers usually do not move:

  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Fireworks
  • Flammables
  • Gas tanks
  • Pet animals
  • Darkroom chemicals
  • Cash and jewelry
  • Frozen goods
  • Live plants
  • Anything infested with molds or insects

This list may vary depending on the mover, distance, and other factors. Make sure to double-check with the moving company on its prohibited items.

Moishe’s Moving System Will Pack For You

Whether you need help packing, moving, or both, Moishe’s Moving Systems is here for you.

And if you have special requests, we would be glad to help you sort them out. Please message our moving specialists here or call us at 800.266.8387.

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