Upgrading Apartments in NYC? Why You Should Hire Professional Movers

Jeremy Erlich
Jeremy Erlich

Moving from one apartment to another is a time-consuming process, and can be costly if not handled properly.

Save yourself the hassle of doing everything alone and invest in a moving service. The benefits of hiring a moving company in NYC outweigh those of going it alone.

5 Benefits of Hiring Professionals When Moving Apartments in NYC

Some apartment dwellers feel that because they have fewer items, they should avoid hiring movers. However, there are several good reasons to bring  in professionals, especially when upgrading apartments. Here are a few:

NYC is a Beast

Stop and reconsider if you are thinking about renting a moving truck and enlisting your friends and family to help move everything. New York City traffic makes driving and parking an unfamiliar rental truck challenging. Trying to find a curbside spot outside your apartment building can cause serious anxiety as people honk at you and cars whiz by. 

If you do find a parking spot, you need to deal with the logistics of loading everything onto the truck. The tiny elevators in many NYC apartment buildings make moving something like your queen-size mattress much harder. Figuring out how to navigate your bulky furniture down tight stairwells and cramped hallways is no fun either. 

Hiring a professional moving company guarantees you won’t have to deal with any of these typical New York problems – the movers will! 

Also consider that some high-end buildings in NYC do not allow tenants to move-in on their own. And small moving companies do not have insurance or are not licensed to handle moves into these types of buildings. At Moishe’s Moving, we can handle these types of moves, no problem. 

Professional Movers are More Efficient

It sometimes takes forever to load even a single item into a rental truck, especially if you’re new to the process. Professional movers have the experience needed to load up a moving truck quickly and efficiently. Packing up all your belongings – from furniture and clothes to pots and pans – can take even more time. Hiring a firm that does this on a daily basis can reduce packing time by more than half because they prepare and pack everything for you. 

Professional Movers Offer Expert Packing Services

The safety of your items is critical during the move. Your fragile things should be appropriately packed and loaded into the moving truck so that they don’t break. Professional movers will pack your glass, electronics and furniture so it is safe and easy to transport. These moving experts follow a strict moving guide that includes wrapping items with the appropriate materials and placing them in protective boxes. 

They Have All the Right Equipment

Moving on your own usually comes down to making several trips using a smaller vehicle like a panel van or cube truck. Professional movers in NYC have spacious vehicles capable of carrying all your items at one go. Professionals also have all the equipment needed for a move, such as packing boxes for items of any size and the proper tools for securing, loading and offloading.

Professional Movers Have Registration and Insurance

Choose a moving company that is registered with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) for local moving services and the United States Department of Transportation (US DOT) for long-distance moves. Many buildings in New York require moving service providers to show insurance proof before performing work in the building. Product insurance means you don’t go through the pain of substantial loss in case something is damaged during the move.

Save Time and Money by Hiring Professionals

Hiring professional movers in NYC can save you significant time and money, and hiring a pro frees up your valuable time so that you can focus on other to-dos. Take the worry and stress out of your NYC move by letting an expert moving company do all the work for you!If you want to know more about your moving options, Moishe’s Moving and Storage can help. Contact us today!