5 Tips for a Stress Free Move to NYC

Moishe's Moving
Moishe's Moving

From restaurants to nightclubs to endless culture, life in New York City is full of great experiences.

One of the not-so-great but necessary experiences is moving. But whether you are moving from another state or from borough to borough, the right tips for moving in NYC can make all the difference.

Tips for Moving to NYC

Make a solid moving plan weeks in advance and in stages. A detailed strategy helps ensure a smooth and effective move. Here are five effective strategies for moving  in NYC:

Hire a Moving Company

Professional movers in NYC are skilled in planning, managing and executing all kinds of moves. They have the experience necessary to ensure that your move is on schedule and in line with apartment regulations. The service provider is used to shifting heavy objects and furniture and knows how to take precautions. They can handle narrow spaces and stairs better than you, and come with all the equipment necessary for handling your items.

Map Out Your Move

If you decide to handle the move yourself, pre-plan your route whether you are moving across town or across the country. Navigation apps such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and MAPS.ME have a simple design that makes navigating the streets easy. Some offer street views so you see exactly what the streets look like along the route. This helps you choose landmarks for turn-by-turn directions. Plus, you can easily share your location and route changes on the fly, which is a handy feature when multiple vehicles are involved in the move.

Avoid Peak Moving Periods

The best time to move to NYC is between October and March. If you have to move during the peak moving season, the best times are at the beginning to mid-April or in September after Labor Day. Moving companies are extremely busy during the peak season. Most are booked all day, every day with bookings running months in advance. Supplies for moving are readily available and cheaper during the off-season, and moving rates are lower.

Keep Your Stuff Organized and Focus on Downsizing

An important aspect of planning is to understand what your new space looks like. This makes it easy to decide what to take with you and what to get rid of.

Schedule specific days and set aside time to work your way through your stuff. Organization is more effective when you avoid distractions and work through each room one at a time. Designate a corner of a room, closet, or container for garbage bags, packing materials, post-it notes, labels, markers, and cleaning supplies.

Use the Only Handle it Once (OHIO) rule when sorting belongings. This means working efficiently, dealing with each item right away, and then moving on to the next.

Sort items into five groups:

  • Take it with you
  • Donate
  • Gift others
  • Toss
  • Sell

Switch Your Services in Advance

Start thinking about utilities you need to shut off in your old place and turn on in your new one. Have a checklist for both your old and new home. Both should have similar categories for each service, but the providers may change. Checklists should be ordered by priority. For instance, having water and power is a must on moving day. Setting up home security and the internet is smart, but not critical. Other basic utilities include gas, trash pickup and recycling, and satellite or cable TV.

Celebrate After the Move

Moving to a new home is a fresh start filled with new opportunities. These helpful NYC moving tips can make the process less stressful – and offer you more time to celebrate!

Moishe’s Moving and Storage is a leading mover in New York, boasting an outstanding track record of over 35 years of residential, commercial and long-distance services. We are licensed, fully insured and have the equipment to deal with all your moving needs. Get in touch with us to learn more!