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Full Storage Unit Auctions

Moishe’s offers much more than exceptional moving services. At any of our locations, try your hand at a storage auction. For creative flippers and side hustlers, this can be a great opportunity to repurpose or sell perfectly good items. While there is an initial deposit and an auction fee, you keep 100% of the items found inside of your purchased storage unit.

Abandoned units can pop up for a myriad of reasons— Perhaps the previous tenant moved out of town and forgot to end the contract. Sometimes, it just comes down to missing a number of storage facility payments. Whatever the reason may be, storage units can be full of valuable items for you to collect and repurpose for the better.

When people cannot afford to pay for their storage units any longer, they become the property of the state and may be placed on auction.


Prepare for Clearing Your Auctioned Storage

Keep in mind that while storage unit auctions are very exciting, they require a lot of hard work. You will be responsible for cleaning out your purchased storage unit entirely, and usually within a 2-day period at the most. In which case, it’s best to bring an extra pair of hands with you to help you sort through all the contents of your storage auction winnings.

Nowadays, there are more options than ever to effectively sell your storage auction findings. Online platforms like eBay, or even Facebook, have a number of embedded tools that make selling valuables easy.

You can also use your new items for yourself or donate them to organizations that might get more benefit out of their use. Moishe’s can help transport these items to an organization of your choosing upon request.

Make sure to factor in transportation as a part of your cost— Depending on your unit, you could be going home with a large number of valuable items that may not fit in your car on their own. Before heading over to the auction, it also may be helpful to clear out some space in your home or garage to proactively prepare for your newfound treasures.

The Storage Auction Day

On the day of the auction, you and the other participants will get a quick glimpse at what is inside the unit before the bidding begins. In most cases, bidding auction prices for a unit can range anywhere from $1-1000. After winning your unit, you’re free to explore and clean through your unit. If you find any personal documentation in your search, turn it into the on-site manager so that the original storage unit owner can regain their important documents.

Moishe’s units become part of such auctions periodically, and you can contact us at (800) 266-8387 to inquire about any such units available from an account manager.

You will generally have to pay a $200 refundable clean out deposit which will be returned to you once the locker is cleared out within 48 hours and all items are either collected, trashed, or donated.

If you need any help transporting your newly acquired belongings, Moishe’s would be more than happy to help you with one of our moving trucks.