Disposing of a Mattress In NYC: All You Need to Know

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Disposing of a mattress in NYC can be daunting, given the city’s regulations and environmental considerations. Whether you’re looking to recycle, donate, or simply get rid of your old mattress, this guide will provide you with all the necessary information to make the process as smooth as possible. NYC has specific rules for mattress disposal to prevent issues such as bedbug infestations and to promote environmental sustainability. Understanding these regulations and knowing your options for disposal can save you time, money, and hassle.

We cover everything, from arranging for old mattress pick up to finding the cheapest way to get rid of an old mattress. By following this guide, you can ensure that your mattress disposal process is compliant with NYC regulations and environmentally friendly.

How To Dispose of a Mattress?

1. Donate It

If your mattress is in good condition, donating it can be a great option. Several organizations in NYC accept donations of old things that take in mattress donations as well, including:

  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore: They often accept good-quality mattresses and may even offer free pickup services.
  • Salvation Army: Some locations provide free pickup services, but ensure the mattress is free of major damage.
  • Furniture Bank Association of America: They provide furniture to needy families and may offer pickup within a specific radius​​.

Before donating, make sure your mattress meets the donation criteria. Common issues that disqualify mattresses from donation include infestations, mold, structural damage, and severe stains​​.

2. Recycle It

Recycling your mattress is an eco-friendly option. Approximately 75% of mattress materials, including steel springs, foam, and fabric, can be recycled (MattRecycle). NYC residents can use services like:

  • Bye Bye Mattress Program: Managed by the Mattress Recycling Council, this program helps locate recycling centers​.
  • Local recycling centers: Check with nearby facilities to see if they accept mattresses and follow their guidelines for preparation and drop-off​​.

Recycling a mattress often involves a small fee, but it ensures that valuable materials are reused and not wasted in landfills. If you’re planning a move or need disposal, consider checking out Moishe’s moving out-of-state guide for more tips.

3. Resell or Give It Away

If your mattress is still in good condition but can’t find a donation center, consider selling it online. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and OfferUp are popular for listing used mattresses. Alternatively, you can offer it free on these sites to save disposal costs​​.

When reselling, ensure you provide clear pictures and a detailed description of the mattress’s condition. This transparency helps you find interested buyers faster. Moishe’s how to move cross country guide can be a helpful resource for those moving long distances.

How Much Does It Cost to Dispose of a Mattress?

The cost to dispose of a mattress can vary depending on the method you choose:

  • Professional Removal Services: Some companies charge based on the size of the item and the distance for transportation. 
  • Recycling Fees: Some recycling centers may charge a small fee for mattress disposal. It’s advisable to call ahead and check the costs involved​.
  • Donation Costs: Generally, donating a mattress is free, but some organizations may charge a small fee for pickup services outside their usual range.

How to Dispose of a Mattress Near Me?

1. Use NYC’s Bulk Pickup Service

NYC offers a bulk pickup service for large items like mattresses. To prevent bedbug infestations, ensure your mattress is wrapped in a plastic bag, as city regulations require. Schedule a pickup via NYC311 or through the Department of Sanitation’s website​​.

The city mandates that mattresses be sealed in plastic to prevent bedbugs; failure to do so can result in fines. Bulk pickups can be scheduled online, providing a convenient option for residents.

2. Drop-Off Locations

Certain waste management facilities and recycling centers in NYC accept mattress drop-offs. Always call ahead to confirm they accept mattresses and inquire about any fees or preparation requirements​​.

3. Local Thrift Stores and Charities

Some local thrift stores and charities might accept mattress donations. Organizations like Goodwill and local shelters often have specific requirements and may offer pickup services within a certain radius​​.

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How Moishe’s Can Help

Moishe’s Moving Systems is a professional and reliable moving company in NYC  40 years of experience in helping families, businesses, and young professionals with our comprehensive range of bespoke moving and storage services, including removing and disposing of old mattresses. Here’s how Moishe’s can help:

  • Professional Pickup and Disposal: Our reliable team can pick up your old mattress and ensure it is disposed of properly, adhering to NYC regulations.
  • Convenience: Utilizing our services can save you time and effort, particularly if you do not have the means to transport the mattress yourself.
  • Safe and Secure Handling: Moishe’s ensures that your mattress is handled carefully, minimizing any potential damage in your home or issues during removal.

Leveraging Moishe’s can streamline the disposal process and ensure that your mattress is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

How to Break Down a Mattress for Disposal

If you prefer to dismantle your mattress yourself, you can recycle its components individually:

  • Metal Springs: Sell as scrap metal.
  • Foam and Fabric: Repurpose as padding or insulation materials.
  • Wood Frames: Use in DIY projects or as compost bin material​​.

By dismantling the mattress, you can reduce disposal costs and help with recycling. Disassembling a mattress can be dangerous and require a lot of effort, so make sure you have the right tools and safety gear, or even better, hire an experienced professional.

Our moving out for the first time checklist can provide additional guidance for first-time movers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Throw Away a Mattress?

You can throw away a mattress, but it must be properly wrapped in plastic to prevent bedbug infestations. NYC provides bulk pickup service for large items, and you can schedule a pickup through NYC311.

How to Properly Dispose of a Mattress?

Proper disposal involves wrapping the mattress in plastic, scheduling a bulk pickup with NYC311, donating if in good condition, or using a professional service like Moishe’s. Recycling is also an eco-friendly option.

How to Get Rid of a Mattress in NYC?

In NYC, you can get rid of a mattress by scheduling a bulk pickup with the Department of Sanitation, donating it, recycling it, or using professional removal services.

How to Dispose of a King-Size Mattress?

The process for disposing of a king-size mattress is similar to any other size. Ensure it is wrapped in plastic and use NYC’s bulk pickup service, donate if in good condition, or hire a professional service like Moishe’s.

How to Dispose of a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses can be disposed of by donating if in good condition, recycling through local centers, or using professional removal services. The foam can also be repurposed for various home projects.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get Rid of an Old Mattress?

The cheapest way is to donate it if it’s in good condition, as many organizations offer free pickup. NYC’s bulk pickup service, which is part of the city’s waste management services, is also cost-effective.

How to Cover a Mattress for Disposal?

To cover a mattress for disposal in NYC, you must wrap it in a plastic bag. This is required by city regulations to prevent the spread of bedbugs. You can purchase mattress disposal bags at home improvement stores or online. Once the mattress is securely wrapped, you can schedule a bulk pickup with NYC311 or the Department of Sanitation.

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Effortlessly Dispose of Your Mattress with Moishe’s!

Disposing of a mattress in NYC involves several options, each with its own benefits and costs. Whether you choose to donate, recycle, resell, or professionally remove your old mattress, it’s important to follow NYC regulations to avoid fines and contribute to environmental sustainability. Always check with local services and organizations for current procedures and opportunities. Leveraging the help of a professional moving company such as Moishe’s can make the process more convenient and ensure compliance with city regulations.

By understanding your options and planning ahead, you can ensure that your old mattress is disposed of responsibly and efficiently. Contact us today for top-notch moving services tailored to your needs. 

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