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Moving to the iconic Big Apple is a significant transition. After all, you’ll now enjoy more of its fantastic job opportunities, exciting things to do, convenient public transportation, and much more. 

With this, things aren’t official until you’ve settled in your dream apartment. And if you’re already packing your bags to make the big move, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll share practical tips to help you find a mover near you in Manhattan — and enjoy a smooth, hassle-free move! 

How to Find a Professional Mover in Manhattan

Finding a moving company to transport your belongings to your new home involves more than just searching for “movers near me Manhattan” and picking the first one that shows up. It pays to remember that the company you’ll choose will be handling items special to you. You don’t want inexperienced movers transporting valuables you’ve worked hard to acquire. 

On that note, here are some tips for finding professional and reliable movers near you:  

1. Start Your Search Early 

A vital tip to remember when it comes to finding the best movers in Manhattan is that you can’t expect to do so immediately. If you want to leave your treasured possessions in the hands of capable movers, you’ll need to invest time and effort into doing your research. Looking up your choices can even help you avoid cramming your move to the last minute. 

The good news is that you can ask your friends for recommendations or search for “movers near me Manhattan” online to get started. 

2. Ask for Recommendations 

Asking your family and friends for moving specialists they trust is an excellent way to start building your list of potential movers. This is especially true if they’ve recently moved into New York or the greater New York area, they can give you reliable information on which services to call — and which ones to avoid. 

3. Search Online and Visit Websites 

If you don’t have anyone to ask for recommendations, you can always search for professional moving companies in Manhattan and visit their websites by yourself. If you can’t find enough information about a mover’s services, that’s a good sign it’s time to move on to the next provider on your list. 

Here are some more useful ways to verify a moving company’s credibility: 

  • Check that their website features their contact information. 
  • Search online to determine if they’re found on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. They must also have a valid DOT number.
  • See if there are any complaints about the company on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). 
  • Look around their website or online to know if they have valid licenses for local and interstate moves. 

4. Check Out the Reviews

A straightforward way to ensure you and your belongings will be in good hands is to find highly rated movers. The presence of positive feedback from previous clients can be a good indicator that you’ve found a specialist you can trust. 

Yelp and Google are two particular resources you can start with. Read through previous customer reviews on their pages and watch out for trends.

  • If complaints like hidden fees, poor communication, or damaged items kept coming up, these could be considered red flags. 
  • On the other hand, if there are plenty of reviews and little to no negative feedback, you might want to keep such a company on your shortlist. 

5. Compare Quotes Before Making a Final Decision 

One of the most common mistakes people make is accepting the first quote they receive. And while this may seem like the fastest and easiest way to get the ball rolling, it’s also worth noting that this can keep you from finding the best mover that suits your budget. It’s still better to gather and compare estimates first before settling with a specific mover. 

With this said, always be wary of fraudulent movers. It’s fortunately easy to spot them: if they gave a quote that’s just too cheap to be true, they’d likely introduce hidden fees later on. It’s best to get them off your list, no matter how enticing their offer might be. 

The Moving Company Experts That Checks All The Boxes

Moving to the hustle and bustle that is New York opens a new and exciting chapter in your life, and the last thing you want in this critical time is a moving company that will make the relocation a frustrating experience. 

If you’re still searching for “professional movers near me Manhattan,” consider the moving masters at Moishe’s Moving. We’ve evolved from a humble “man with a van” in 1983 to a highly rated multiple-location moving company in New York City. With almost four decades of serving satisfied clients and earning various credentials, you can count on us to protect your valuables until they reach your new home. 

Our honest and experienced staff are here to help you get moving in the most stress-free way possible. Get in touch today to get a free comprehensive in-home estimate or learn more about our services.