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Local Moving Company in SoHo NYC

SoHo NYC is known as the city that never sleeps for good reason. This ever-bustling city is full of crowded sidewalks and streets that although exciting, can make it very difficult to move. Luckily, Moishe’s Moving is extremely experienced with moving up and down the island as well as moving from borough to borough.

Moving on its own can be stressful, and a hectic city environment only adds on to that stress. Rest assured, our movers know how to move furniture and beloved belongings to and from tight spaces to give you the cozy apartment you desire.

Our movers understand that SoHo’s crowded sidewalks may make moving from one place to another more difficult, so we come prepared by being extremely proactive. We’ll package your items as if they were our own to ensure that they’re kept safe and secure throughout the entire duration of the trip.

We can also work with you to comply with your building’s specific move-in regulations and stipulations. Moving isn’t always simple, but as a top tier SoHo NYC moving company we’ll do our best to ensure that your move is as seamless as possible.

Local Moving Services in SoHo

We can handle your local move within NYC, no matter how big the job. We can give you a quote over the phone, or for bigger jobs we send a relocation specialist to your home to take a complete inventory and give you a more detailed quote for your local move. We can also help pack, and unpack your stuff as well. Once you reserve a moving date with us our mover are guaranteed to be there. Call Moishe's Moving to start the local moving process today.

Long Distance Moving Services in SoHo

Planning a long distance move out of the tri-state area? Are you looking to move to New York from out-of-state? Either way, Moishe's Moving has you covered. We have a talented customer support team and a large team of trained movers that can help make your long distance move a breeze. Give us a call today and take the hassle out of long distance moving services.

Commercial Moving Services in SoHo

We understand that operating a business can be difficult and time consuming. That's why if you're moving offices or in need of commercial moving services, give us a call and let us take care of the heavy lifting in planning your commercial move.

Moishe's Moving Reviews

One of our other customers, Josh B. in Brooklyn, had this to say:

“I used Moishe’s to move into my Brooklyn apartment eight years ago and recalled a positive experience, so I contacted them again for a move a few weeks ago. The team arrived precisely on time – to the minute. They moved quickly, carefully, and effectively, and had the apartment packed up and loaded into the truck at exactly the estimated time.

We will in a large co-op and have a doorman and a super that can have exacting standards. Their feedback about the professionalism of the moving crew was very positive as well.

Our things are now in storage, and we will be moving back into our apartment in a couple of months post-renovation.

I hope we get a team that does just as good of a job and will be sure to update this review post part 2 of my move.

I would highly recommend Moishe’s for any Brooklyn move.”