Tips on Moving Valuable Artwork

Tips on Moving Valuable Artwork

Whether they are investment pieces or just artwork that’s special, it’s possible you might have several valuable pieces.  Moving them can be stressful and you might wonder how to pack and transport the pieces to ensure they safely arrive in your new home.  You might opt to use ad-on services by your moving company—skilled in safely transporting valuables—or you might decide to move the pieces yourself. Either way, here are some tips to help you:

Separate Artwork

Place all your artwork separately in a designated area of the home you are moving from. This will ensure your pieces don’t get boxed up with other items and transported without special care.

Tips on Moving Valuable Artwork

Build Crates

Paintings should be crated for safe transport. This typically means that one needs to build a wooden structure with piece-specific dimension to protect the painting. Sculptures will likely need padded crates. In both cases, make sure you protect the face of the pieces and corners with cardboard and bubble wrap.

Decide On Specialized Trucks

Delicate pieces and some pigments are sensitive to temperatures and humidity changes and extremes. If any of your pieces fit that bill, consider transporting them via climate-controlled trucks.

Consult Experts

If you are unsure and concerned about the value of your pieces or how to transport them, consider consulting an art appraiser or appraisal house. Then, find movers specialized in transporting art who can give you expert advice and help you with packing and relocation.


Get Insurance

If the pieces you are transporting are of value, don’t skimp on purchasing insurance for them. Though no one wants to think about damage, it can happen from time to time.

Unpack Carefully

As important as packing and transporting is, unpacking artwork is also vital to ensuring your pieces don’t incur damage. Take your time and unpack the pieces with care.


Moving Out on Your Own, A Guide


It’s exciting and slightly nerve wracking to move out of your parents’ or guardian’s home for the first time. You’ll finally gain independence and can do things your way: You can decorate as you wish, eat what you want and basically live by your own rules. As exciting as it may be, being on your own comes with great responsibility and takes some planning. To help you, we have some tips:

Prepare Financially

When we live under someone else’s roof we often don’t realize the financial obligations that go with running a household. Make sure you come up with an estimate of your monthly living expenses—such as utility bills, maintenance, groceries and rent or mortgage.  Once you have an estimate, try and save up ahead of time to ensure that you’re covered for several months worth of expenses.


Find a Suitable Home

Be it a rental or a purchase, finding a suitable apartment, especially in New York City, can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Start researching neighborhoods and then looking at the market to see what you can afford. You might go at this on your own or opt to hire a realtor to help with your search.


Have Documents Ready

Renting or buying an apartment will require documentation, such as references, co-signers and pay stubs. Have all of these on hand to snatch a place when you find a fit.

Find a Professional Moving Company

While you’re looking to find the ideal place, you should also be researching moving companies who will take some of the burden of the move off your shoulders. To find one that meets your needs, read reviews and ask for a written quote. Reserve the pros as soon as you have a move in date to ensure you get your first choice of a relocation company.

Purchase Necessary Items

Whether it’s furniture or linens or cleaning supplies, you might want to start purchasing things you’ll need for your new home. If being delivered, it’s best to schedule deliveries for after the move, so you won’t have to add it to the list of things that will need to be relocated.



Once you’re moved in, enjoy your newly found independence. Yes, the responsibility is great but it’s freeing to live self-sufficiently and take that first step toward your goals.


Five Moving Add-ons to Consider


When we consider hiring movers, we typically think of them as professionals that literally move our boxes from our old home onto a truck, transport them and unload them into a new home. However, moving companies and their staff can do much more than that and sometimes it makes sense—for our physical and mental well-being—to consider some of the extras they offer to help ease the process of relocation for us. Here are five moving add-ons that could be worth the cost:

Packing and Unpacking

Moving professionals can take care of packing and unpacking your items so you can tick these tasks off your to-do list. The cost of packing depends on what you have, the amount of material required and the labor involved.  Movers will also unpack your goods and place them in their new location.  Outsourcing both of these tasks will allow you to pay attention to other pre and post move chores.


Odd shaped items or valuables such as art or an old piece of furniture might require special wooden crates for transport. Moving professionals can build custom wooden structures to ensure your pieces are well protected.


Disposing of Boxes and Packing Material

After you’re moved in and unpacked, you’re left with the task of disposing packing material—or watching it pile up in the corner of the living room of your small New York apartment. Though it’s probably not a difficult task, it’s one more thing you might not have the energy to do. Ask your moving company to give you an estimate for discarding packing material.


Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

To fit trucks, doorways or staircases, you’ll often need to disassemble parts of a furniture piece, if not all of it. Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes it’s a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle you might not want to, or not have the ability, to deal with. If that’s the case, save yourself the headache and use this add-on to save yourself a headache and possibly a quarrel or two with your roommate or partner.


Special Items Handling

Valuables or delicate items, such as musical instruments, art and wine might need to be handled differently than your other stuff. Ask your moving company for climate-controlled trucks, if necessary, and experts who are capable of handling these items.


Adding Character to a Box of An Apartment


Some of us move into an old brownstone or apartment that has unique architecture and decorative details, while the rest of us end up in boxy, boring homes. Fear not, even in the drab world of the cookie cutter, there are ways to make a less than appealing apartment more interesting. Here are some ways you can add visual interest to your New York City home:

Change Cabinet and Drawer Pulls

It’s easy to switch out boring standard pulls with something more curious. Try vintage hardware to give the place an older feel. If you’re ambitious, change your hinges or add decorative ones.


It’s the easiest thing you can do to go from drab to well you know how this goes (fab). Paint is relatively inexpensive and an easy solution to make a room stand out.



Similar to paint, wallpaper is another easy solution to give a place some character. And remember what’s out there nowadays is not your grandmother’s wallpaper—there are so many unique patterns and choices that your opinion of wall covering is sure to change.


Add Molding

Take a trip to a home improvement store and peruse their moldings. Once you find something you like that suits the home, install and paint the pieces. Adding molding is a sure way to give a place that European or pre-war look.

Get a Mantel  

If your current fireplace has a boring mantel or doesn’t have one, find something cool to install. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can still get a mantel and place against a wall to give your place a cozy feel. Try vintage shops to find an old piece or shop around if you’re opting for something more contemporary.


Six Reasons Moving to New York in Autumn is Awesome


Moving is not usually fun: It often involves lots of pre planning, the relocation itself and unpacking. Then comes the fun part, being in a new place, experiencing fresh environs and hopefully starting friendships. We can’t think of a better place to do that in than New York and fall is a beautiful time to be here, partly because the city’s inhabitants are back from their vacation and things are buzzing with fresh activity. Here are six reasons we think fall is a good time to be a green New Yorker:   


The northeast has finicky weather so we never take for granted low humidity, moderate temperatures and abundant sunshine. And you shouldn’t either. Enjoy perhaps our best season (though some will argue that would be spring) and explore the city on foot, taking in all that you can before you’re confined to the indoors in a few months.

Theatre, Shows, Music

Fall is the official start of all things performance. Though there are still plenty of shows to see in the summer, concert, plays, musicals and dance performances really start back up in September and October. It’s a great time to browse various venue calendars and pick a few shows to attend.



Autumn doesn’t scream beach, but in September and October the ocean is probably at its warmest, making for a good time to take a dip. Also, with kids back in school the beaches will be empty. Oh and the ones that charge, like Long Beach, will be free. See? It’s beach time in New York City.


If you’re a gallery goer, you’re in luck. Fall is when many galleries open after a summer hiatus and there will be good art, and arty folks, to be seen. Head on over to Chelsea or the Lower East Side and feast your eyes.



If the baseball, basketball or football, are your cup of tea, check out the various venues like Citi Field, Madison Square Garden and Barclay Center to see who’s playing where and how you can get in to watch a game.


You’ve seen them on television. Now it’s time to experience the Halloween and Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in person. Yes, they are chaotic but are fun and you can tell your friends back home you went to them.


Six Ways to Treat Yourself After a Move


Relocating is hard work.  It begins weeks, even months before the actual move day. From finding a new place to arranging the move, packing, unpacking and doing the necessary relocation paperwork, it’s an energy-draining task. Once you arrive at your new place, and put everything in its place though, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You can also help yourself recover a little by treating yourself. Here are six ways you can reward yourself post-move:

Take a Spa Day

New York City has no shortage of spas. From simple, no nonsense, spas where you can get a quick massage on the cheap to fancier ones where you can spend a day soaking your tired body and drinking juices to replenish, you can find something that will suit your budget and taste. Either way, you deserve a little pampering.

Get a New Do

A new home, a new do! That’s right, go for a whole new look to match your new apartment. Get a cut, or a blow out and enjoy that fabulous “I’m looking good” feeling.

Take a Break from Kitchen Duty

Don’t bother with cooking or cleaning, go somewhere nice and enjoy a night of being wined and dined. If you’re by yourself, this is a good time to reboot your head, if you have a partner or roommate you can use this opportunity to reconnect without the responsibilities of everyday life getting in the way.


Get out of Town

You might think the last thing you’ll enjoy is being on the move, but a day or weekend out of the city where you can enjoy a serene landscape—be it the ocean or the mountains—can do wonders for a tired mind and body. Consider the Long Island coast or the Catskills for a quick getaway.  


See a Show

You’ve been pining to see Hamilton, or The Book of Mormon but like most of us you don’t want to shell out a few hundred bucks. If you have the cash handy, this might be a good excuse to go see the shows without feeling guilty. You deserve it after all the work you’ve put into the move.

Buy Yourself Something Nice

Maybe it’s a dress, a set of nice Egyptian cotton sheets or a new vase for your place, no matter; this is a good time to purchase that item you’ve had on your wish list. If it’ll bring you joy, it’ll be a good reward!


Five Reasons to Move in the Fall


Fall is around the corner and although it might seem counterintuitive, it’s one of our favorite seasons to move. Here are five reasons we think you might like scheduling your move for autumn:


Similar to spring, fall is undoubtedly one of New York City’s best seasons. Temperatures are mild, there aren’t a lot of rainy days to speak of and it’s just all around pleasant. Schedule a move then and you likely don’t have to worry about sweating or having to struggle with heavy or cumbersome outerwear.


Less Demand

With many families already moved before the school year, there are less people relocating in the fall. This means you’ll have better luck booking movers and trucks and taking your pick of the best in the business.

It’s Pretty

If you’re moving within the northeast, you’ll likely pass by a kaleidoscope of colors while the leaves and scenery change. It’s a trip you probably didn’t think you wanted but will likely enjoy.


Save Money on Utilities

After shelling out dough for the move, it’s nice to be able to bank a bit of cash. Fall will allow you to do that since you’ll likely not need to use your air conditioning or heat and enjoy what New Yorkers love about the season—that breeze.

Enjoy Activities

From Oktoberfest to the start of the art season, it’s almost like the city is back in full swing after the lull of late summer. Enjoy your new surroundings and discover what’s popping up in your neighborhood for the season.