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Packing for Long-distanced Moves

The key to a successful relocation is choosing expert movers and being well prepared. A key aspect of that preparation is packing and to help you we’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers below.

How many weeks prior to a move should I begin packing?
Depending on the size of your home, you should start packing at least two to four weeks prior to moving day. This will ensure you pack your items carefully and in an orderly manner. Giving yourself adequate amount of time will ensure that this aspect of moving gets done right.

What items needs to be packed in boxes?
Anything loose or vulnerable should be packed in a box. Loose items include books, dishes, documents and shoes. Vulnerable items include electronics, musical instruments, lamps and mattresses.

Where do I get boxes?
You can purchase clean, new boxes from Moishe’s moving supplies page. Our boxes are double corrugated for extra strength and available in various sizes to safely pack different items. Call your relocation consultant to decide which boxes suit your move and to schedule free delivery of your boxes and other packing materials.

What other packing materials do I need for a move?
It takes more than boxes to ensure the successful relocation of your belongings. Below are some items that will make your packing process easier.

  • Tape: Every box needs to be secured with 2 to 2.5 inch gummed or masking tape. You will need approximately one roll of tape for every 15 to 20 boxes. This type of tape could be purchased online, at local hardware stores or directly from Moishe’s store.
  • Packing paper: For items that you wish to keep clean, you can purchase packing paper from Moishe’s store. Please note that when you purchase moving boxes from our store, there is no additional charge for packing paper.
  • Blankets: To protect large pieces during a move, all furniture and similar items, should be wrapped in blankets. Our movers will provide heavy-duty blankets, specifically made for moving, free of charge.
  • Original packaging: If available, it’s advisable to re-pack some items in their original boxes and packing materials. This is especially useful for electronic items, like televisions and computers.

What’s the best way to pack?
You don’t need to be a professional to pack your items properly. All you need is the right materials and to ensure everything feels secure once in a box. But worry not; we all need a little help sometimes. To help make sure the packing portion of your move goes without a hitch, we’ll send an employee for one hour to assist you on how to pack and secure boxes at no additional charge.

If movers are doing the packing for me, are there items they shouldn’t pack?
Absolutely. Never ask movers to handle particularly valuable items, such as money, securities, important documents or jewelry. We also don’t recommend you ask movers to pack flammable items like aerosol cans, paints, gasoline or the likes.

Can you provide some tips on packing different types of items?
Below, you can find basic guidelines.

Dishware and Glasses

  • Use large, double-corrugated boxes.
  • Cushion the bottom with rolled up paper.
  • Wrap each piece individually.
  • Bundle flatware in groups of three and wrap the bundle.
  • Do not place one piece of dishware directly on top of another. Separate with a layer of stuffed paper.
  • Nest less expensive glasses and cups in groups of three and wrap the bundle.
  • Cushion the top and sides of each box with paper to prevent shifting.


  • Pack hanging clothes in wardrobe boxes.
  • Utilize bottoms of wardrobe boxes for shoes.
  • Secure wardrobe boxes along the sides with extra tape.

Framed Art

  • Use boxes designated for art.
  • Line bottom of box with paper.
  • Place frame in box, then stuff with paper all around.


  • Remove bulbs.
  • Put each lampshade in its own box.
  • Be sure to mark the box “fragile”.


  • If possible, pack in original cartons. If not available, pack each item separately in a box that best fits each piece.
  • Use bubble wrap to provide cushioning for your electronics.
  • Code wiring with tape for easy reinstallation.
  • Tape down any components that open or may come loose and fold down like antennas, arms and the likes.

Can you provide any general packing tips?

  • Tape the bottom of every box by running two strips of tape along the side and one strip down the center. Once full, tape the top as well.
  • Use small boxes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter, bulkier items.
  • To prevent damage, wrap fragile items individually.
  • To cushion your items, stuff the top, bottom, and sides of each box with packing paper.
  • In order to prevent boxes from being crushed, stuff them to the top.
  • Label the contents of all boxes. All labels should include what’s inside the box, the room where it’s going, how fragile the contents are and when you might need it.
  • Make an inventory of your items before the move.
  • Think about the order in which your boxes are loaded onto the moving truck. The boxes that are loaded last will come off the truck first. If you need access to something as soon as you get to a new home—such as cleaning supplies—make sure it’s one of the last things to leave the old apartment.


stephanie potteiger
stephanie potteiger
21:17 15 Mar 17
Amazing customer service. Very helpful both on the phone and in person. I had to make a change to my moving date and they made it happen with no problems or questions asked. Three guys came in and loaded all of my furniture and boxes onto the truck we didn't have to lift a finger and took it to storage for free. They even measured it on the truck so I knew exactly how big of a room I needed and nothing more. I will recommend them to everyone!!! Thank you so much for making a very stressful situation so convenient!!read more
Cigdem Tankut
Cigdem Tankut
18:59 14 Mar 17
A little over a month ago, I rented a storage space from Moishe's Moving and Storage. I was not looking forward to the day of my move because moving is a very stressful experience. The truck was on time. The two men who did an excellent job of loading, driving and unloading ,were polite, considerate and capable. When we got there, Chris was most helpful in showing me the available spaces.The building was well kept. The paper work was very straight forward. I thank everyone at this storage facility for making my move a very pleasant experience. I am getting ready to rent a second space there this month I know I am in good hands with Moishe's Moving and more
George Delgado
George Delgado
17:45 14 Mar 17
We spoke and met with a number of moving companies for estimates, and found Moishe's was both the most professional and the best value. Special thanks to Patrick who did a thorough walk through and put together the estimate, Flavio and his crew for the actual move, and Kat who handled all of the coordination and admin. They stayed in touch as moving day approached and allowed us to easily reschedule when the sale of our apartment was postponed. On moving day they arrived right on time, worked very hard and fast to get everything on the truck and unloaded on the other end. This was our best move every. Very pleased!read more
Claude Chu
Claude Chu
12:03 04 Mar 17
Nice easy smooth move from my old house to my new apartment after my divorce. I called about a week earlier and asked for a ball park quote which Chris was nice enough to give me. I worked for Moishe's in the 80's when he first started the business so I kind of knew what to expect. The crew came early and the move went flawlessly. The packed everything nicely and took care of my stuff like their own. I would highly recommend them. Chris did a follow up call to make sure I was happy with my more
Petra Kotyzova
Petra Kotyzova
23:00 02 Mar 17
We moved our 1BR apt in NYC just recently. Moishe's team was excellent on all levels! Great group of guys who were extremely good and cautious at wrapping our furniture and personal things. Nothing got damaged in the move! Guys were very professional and over all very pleasant to deal with. We got a good deal too (much less than Flat rate). We will definitely use them in the future again if need be and would recommend them to more
Suzanne Kennedy
Suzanne Kennedy
00:05 25 Feb 17
Moishe's Moving and Storage is absolutely THE BEST!!! I've moved way more times than I can count and they are the best movers I've ever used! My first experience with Moishe's was in late summer of 2015 when they moved an organizing client of mine from their 2 bedroom apt in Brooklyn to their renovated brownstone. Frank was the foreman and he expertly wrapped and packed their furniture and antiques. He was absolutely meticulous!! Another client of mine used them this past December and again they did an excellent job. Finally, Moishe's moved me at the end of January 2017 and Frank was the supervisor. A lot of my furniture and china, etc. went into storage. Frank was again meticulous and diligent in making sure that all of my items were packed and wrapped with expert care for storage and then managed to fit them all in my storage unit!! I can't say enough good things about Moishe's -- they rock!!!read more
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