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Nissim is the President of Moishe’s Moving Systems and an expert in the moving business. Since joining Moishe’s 17 years ago, he has built his career on providing exceptional service. Today, Nissim uses his experience to develop team leadership and service innovations that keep Moishe’s moving forward. He has a degree in Practical Mechanical Engineering from the Technological College of Be’er Sheva, Israel.


Claims and Customer Service Manager

Bashkim has 10 years of experience at Moishe’s and currently manages the customer service, sales, and claims teams. He uses his skills to help us prevent problems from occurring during each move and assists clients in the process of making claims. Bashkim brings experience working for a major insurance company and has a bachelor’s degree from Pace University.


Operations Manager

Boaz is responsible for managing the facilities and equipment at Moishe’s to ensure that each move is done on time and on budget. He has worked with Moishe’s for 6 years as a dispatcher, dispatch manager, and operations manager. His previous five years of experience as a mover has given him special skills and insight into the logistics of providing each client with individualized service.


Relocation Consultant

Peter specializes in creating the moving plans for large commercial clients and high-end residential properties. He helps us leverage the resources of Moishe’s to work with highly demanding clients on the most complicated projects. Previously at Moishe’s, he managed warehouse operations and specialized in sales for the inventory management division. He has a degree in Logistics from Penn State University.


Relocation Consultant

With 15 years of experience at Moishe’s, Joseph helps our clients plan their moving budgets with confidence by ensuring they get the most reliable and comprehensive quotes in the business. Prior to joining Moishe’s, Joseph had seven years of experience in sales and customer support in publishing and telecommunications. Joseph is a graduate of St. John’s University in Business Communications.


Relocation Consultant

Since joining Moishe’s in 2012 as a mover, Konstantin has mastered the skills of foreman, dispatcher, and manager. He brings an insider’s perspective and comprehensive skills to his current role as a Relocation Consultant. Every moving plan requires careful attention, and Konstantin ensures that it can be completed on time and on budget. A native of Kaliningrad, Russia, he has a degree in Electrical Engineering.


Relocation Consultant

Naomi provides consulting services for residential relocations, commercial moving, and storage. She brings to Moishe’s 5 years of experience working in the nursing unit at the Jersey City Medical Center. When she is not helping families and businesses have a successful move, she has been helping her husband build a landscaping business in New Jersey.


Relocation Consultant

Jonathan has more than 20 years of experience in the moving and storage industry. His comprehensive skills have been honed by helping thousands of families and businesses relocate. His extensive knowledge is used to create tailored moving plans for each of his clients to ensure a smooth transition. He prides himself on providing the best quality service and achieving high ratings in customer satisfaction.


Relocation Consultant

Kat has provided 15 years of service and has been celebrated for her ability to make the moving process feel easy. Kat works to understand the individual needs of her clients and coordinates each move from packing to unloading. She takes pride in using her skills so that everyone feels at home at the end of the moving day. Kat has a degree in Communications and Fine Arts from Ramapo College.