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Unpacking: A Guide

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Unpacking: A Guide

When it comes to moving, packing and unpacking are probably the two tasks that take up the most time and as most of us know unpacking probably lasts a bit longer than we are willing to admit. But given the small size of most New York City homes, unopened boxes will take up precious space and quickly turn into eyesores, so here’s a guide to help you unpack quickly and efficiently:

Take Inventory

The first line of business after a move is taking stock of all the boxes to make sure you have everything. Check each box against the list you made pre-move to ensure everything has made it to the new place.


Move the boxes to their appropriate rooms. For example, all boxes labeled “kitchen” should go into the kitchen area and boxes labeled bathroom should go to the washroom.


Before opening anything, clean and prep all the cabinets, bathroom, floors and other surfaces in the home. You don’t want to take out all your drinking glasses only to realize that you forgot to put liners in the cabinet.

Unpack Large Furniture

Before you clutter the room with empty boxes and little things with no home (like books without a shelf), set up all your large pieces such as seating, storage furniture and such.

Unpack Essential Rooms First

Unpack essential rooms like your bedroom and likely your bathroom first as you will need these items as soon as you arrive into a new apartment. The rest of your stuff, like books, decorations, and knickknacks can be unpacked later.

Make a Schedule

Be sure to put yourself on a schedule so that you are fully rid of boxes within the first month. One way to do this is to count how many boxes you have and divide them by a certain number of days—this gives you a clear daily quota of meeting your unpacking goals.

Dispose Packing Material Periodically

Each time you are done unpacking a number of items, take care to get rid of boxes, packing material, and such to avoid clutter and making a mess.

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