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Seven Reasons to Move to New York in Autumn

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Seven Reasons to Move to New York in Autumn

Moving is not usually fun: It often involves lots of pre-planning, the relocation itself, and unpacking. Fall is around the corner, and although it might seem counter-intuitive, it’s one of the best seasons for moving. Here are some good reasons why you might like to schedule your move for the fall:


Like spring, fall is undoubtedly one of New York City’s best seasons. Temperatures are mild, there aren’t many rainy days to speak of, and it’s just all around pleasant. The northeast has finicky weather, so don’t take low humidity, moderate temperatures, and abundant sunshine for granted. Schedule your move then and you likely won’t have to worry about overheating or having to struggle with heavy, cumbersome outerwear.

Lower Demand

Fall is an uncommon moving season. Many leases end in the summer and winter, so people need to move during those seasons. There are fewer folks relocating in the fall. This means you’ll have better luck booking Moishe’s movers and trucks and getting the best in the business! Moving in the fall may make your move less expensive, too.

Moving with Children?nyc moves, moving in the fall

Do you have children in school or daycare? Many families move before the school year during the hot summer months. Therefore, there are fewer people relocating in autumn.

It’s not easy for children to adjust to such a large change in their lives like a new home and new school. Classes begin in the fall so if you wait until then, before school starts, it may be easier for your children to adjust. Moving mid-term is no doubt more difficult for them and you. Timing is everything for such changes, and it can help them feel more comfortable.

Save Money on Utilities

After shelling out dough for the move, it’s nice to be able to bank a bit of cash. Fall will allow you to do that since you’ll likely not need to use your air conditioning or heating and enjoy what New Yorkers love about the season—the breeze.

After you are in your new home, before the winter season when you need to use heating, there is time to contact your local utility company. Ask them if they have an energy-saver program or hints on how to keep your utility bill lower. They may offer to inspect your home to give suggestions about sealing windows and doors and assess your existing heater or A/C system.

Relocate Before the Holidays

Several holidays come at the end of fall and during winter. Trying to juggle holiday visits, plans with family and friends, and school sessions mid-move is difficult and stressful! There are several priorities needing attention while planning a move. Besides packing, handling change of address, notifying schools or finding new daycare you also have the move itself.

Whether you are flying or driving, the trip itself during that time of year may be grueling. Traffic is heavier, and people are in a hurried mode. Air fares skyrocket during this busy season, and flights are generally packed with people and extra carry-ons. And let’s be honest; many people are simply grumpy when traveling during the holidays, making it a very unpleasant trip.

Avoid the chaos. Plan your move for autumn, settle in, and enjoy the holidays with your family.

nyc moves, moving in the fall


If you’re moving within the northeast, you’ll likely pass by a kaleidoscope of colors while the leaves and scenery change from one place to another. Many people have never driven through the area during autumn when the world just seems to change. Try to take your time and enjoy the views; make it a road trip! Stop along the way to take it all in and take photos.

It’s a trip you probably didn’t think you wanted but will likely enjoy. Your move will likely be more comfortable and much less stressful.

Enjoy Activities

From Oktoberfest to the start of the theatre and art season, it’s almost like the city is back in full swing after the lull of late summer. Don’t forget about all the sports and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! Now you can see these events in person! Enjoy your new surroundings and discover what’s popping up in your neighborhood for the season.

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