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Favorite NYC Grocery Stores, A Roundup

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Favorite NYC Grocery Stores, A Roundup

A top complaint of New York newbies is the lack of good one-stop shop grocery stores. You buy your toilet paper from the smelly deli, your fruit and veggies from the bodega with outdoor stands and the rest of your stuff from that sad and expensive grocery store near your apartment—at least you have one near your home.  Contrary to that first impression however, there exist Gotham City grocery stores that are not just as good as the ones in the suburbs but sometimes even better. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites.


Whole Foods

Yes, this chain is seemingly expensive but there are deals to be had and the options for organic and high quality items cannot be beat. Go there with the thought of purchasing items on weekly specials and sales and you won’t be disappointed. Also, with nine locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding one convenient enough to patronize.


Trader Joe’s

New Yorkers love Trader Joe’s as evidenced by the long lines at the checkout and even sometimes outside the store. But fear not, the amazing staff at this chain can move shoppers so fast you won’t feel irritated.  Also, how could you feel anything but good after all those amazing deals, and that dried chili mango, you just snagged?


Fairway Market

The cheese and olive section of this store by itself is enough to have customers returning. Furthermore, if buying organic is your thing, the selection at Fairway will impress you like no other. We won’t even tell you about the candy selection cause we want you to stay healthy.



Although not centrally located for most Manhattanites, there are several Costcos dotting our great city. We love the deals to be had at this wholesaler, so we think it’s worth renting a Zipcar or taking a car service for the convenience of not buying toilet paper for one whole year! Also if the quantities are too large for you to handle, you can always split stuff with a friend of neighbor.



Okay, so this family owned chained does not yet exist here in New York City. But earlier this year Wegmans announced plans to open its first Big Apple location at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 2017. We are totally freaking out over the country’s best  (10 years in a row, people) supermarket coming to our own little Brooklyn.

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