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Moving During the Holidays

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Moving During the Holidays

The holidays are a jolly time of the year—one that we love to spend with family and friends and use to relax and reflect on the year. They are also a hectic time with all the shopping, cooking, coordinating, traveling, and what-not. And if you have to move, the added stress can wreak havoc on an already trying time. But there’s no need to allow moving in New York City to completely ruin the holidays for you. With a little planning you can be sure of a safe and organized move as well as a merry and happy holiday season. Here are some tips on how to move during the most wonderful time of the year:


Once you know you’ll be moving during the holidays, start researching movers, trucks, and any other services that you might need during the move. Remember that anyone you depend on will be busier than usual because of the holidays. After all, they have their own commitments too. So you’re best off planning ahead, way ahead, and nailing down the specific services and companies you need to use. To fine movers and other services, do thorough online research, ask friends and family, and read as many reviews as possible.

Book Movers

Once you find a reputable mover, book them right away. There’s often a shortage of staff during the holidays. Many take time off to spend with their families or travel so, movers book up fast. Get an estimate and read through the contract and all the fine print carefully to make sure everything looks right to you.

Consider Budgetholiday moving budget

Relocating during the holiday season can be more expensive than other times of the year. Find out what the costs associated with your move are and incorporate that into your relocation budget. Knowing the costs ahead of time means you may need to cut expenses elsewhere, like buying gifts or holiday decorations. Also check with the movers and the truck company (if you’re considering a DIY approach) to see if they have dates or times of the week that might be less costly.

Pack Right

Are you one of those people that love holiday decorations? If so, and if your holiday moving trip is right before or after a holiday—consider boxing up those decorations separately, so you can either pack them last or unpack first before or after the move. That way, you keep the decorations up as long as possible before you move. Or put them up as soon as you arrive into your new home. It seems silly to care about such things at such a hectic time, but it’s always nice to enjoy some aspects of what you love about the holidays.


One of the things we like about moving is purging all the items we don’t need any more. Donating is a great way to both get rid of unwanted items and place them in the hands of those who can put those things to good use. And what better time to donate than during the holidays? Consider local charities, churches, and organizations like The Salvation Army, Disabled Vets, and Goodwill when looking for donation centers.

Consider Weather

You might typically be dreaming of a white Christmas, but if your move falls on the day of a storm or freeze, you’ll need to be ready. Make sure you keep your cold-weather clothes and gear handy. Additionally, keep items like shovels, snow scrapers, and salt nearby in case you need them on moving day. Furthermore, watch out for slippery sidewalks and frigid temperatures on moving day! And remember to turn on the utilities in your new home so it’ll be nice and toasty when you arrive.

holiday moving


Although you have a plethora of responsibilities, don’t forget to take some time off from all moving in New York City related tasks to celebrate the holidays and spend time with family, if at all possible. If near family or friends, you can still share a meal or some laughs with loved ones. If on the road, consider treating yourself to a nice warm meal on the way and chatting with those you love on the phone. Treat yourself to some eggnog, maybe a present, and have yourself a merry moving season!

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