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Five Things to Remember When Moving

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Five Things to Remember When Moving

There are a lot of moving parts to relocation—from purchasing supplies to packing to arranging for movers it’s a frenzied time even for the most organized. That means there are some essential tasks that one might forget about but which are necessary to remember when moving for a successful, stress-free move. Here are five tip for movers NYC to add to your list of to-dos:

Forwarding Mail

It’s easy to forget to redirect mail to a new address, so make this a priority. Directly contact your credit card companies, health insurance carrier, doctors, and others and let them know about your address change. Then make sure you notify the post office as well and ask for them to forward your mail, but don’t rely on them to notify your contacts for you.

change utilities-remember when moving

Switch Utilities

Make sure to arrange to turn off the utilities at the old address at the end of moving day and have them turned on at the new address the night before moving day. The last thing you want is to arrive at the new place—after a long day of moving—only to find out you’ll have to sit in the dark or not have heat. This is a high priority item to remember when moving.

Packing a Box of Necessities

It might be days or weeks until you get to unpack all your boxes and unearth some of the necessities you’ll need. So put together a box that’ll contain essentials for a couple of days. This includes clothing, toiletries, medicine, valuables, and important documents. Carry this box with you—and don’t give to the movers—and place it separately from the rest of your belongings.

remember when moving to plan for privacy

Plan for Privacy

One of the things we often forget about is all the windows and glass doors that need to be covered the first few days in a new home to give us much needed privacy. If you have time, you might want to go to your new home a day or two before moving day and install some window coverings. Otherwise, plan on pinning up a couple of sheets or other temporary covering until you have time to hang your curtains or install blinds.

Get Some Edibles

Even if it’s a just a few groceries, stock the new home with a bit of food and drinks. It’s all too common to want to grab a snack or a coffee and not having anything around. With these tip for movers NYC, it can help make your experience seemless.

remember when moving to get some food

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