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Finding Friends After Moving

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Finding Friends After Moving

Once the hard task of moving to a new city alone ends, another difficult task begins: Finding new friends and settling in with the neighbors and the neighborhood. While we all seem to do this more naturally as kids, the idea of fitting in seems more trying as adults. But there are some surefire ways to make the process of settling in your new environs a bit easier. Here are some tips:

Get to Know Your Neighbors

After you’ve settled in from moving to a new city alone you might try knocking on a few neighboring doors and introducing yourself.  You can also try sending an email—many buildings have an internal listerv—suggesting a get together on the roof, yard or at a local bar. Whatever vehicle you use to get to know your neighbors, you’d be surprised to see how many of them will be on board.

Locate Old Friends

Use your social media and contacts to find old acquaintances and friends in the city or town you’ve just moved to. Each person you know has several friends and you are likely to connect to a few of them. The more people you meet, the more your chances of finding like-minded folks.


Hang out with Co-workers

Happy hours and work functions often lead to friendships. After all, you’re spending eight plus hours with these people and it’s likely you’ll find something in common with them outside the workplace.

Join Hobby Groups

Play the Ukelele? Like to mountain climb? There’s a group for that and you can find them via online networking portals like meetup. And if a group you’re interested doesn’t exist, you can create your own.



Sharing a skill with those who can benefit from it can be both rewarding and fun. Bonus, you might snag a few friends too. Find organizations around your new home that take volunteers and consider making a difference in your community.

Take Classes

You’ve always wanted to learn how to water color and take spinning classes. Well, now’s the time to do it and you never know who you might meet while learning something new.  Your new best friend after moving to a new city alone might just be a class away!

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