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Tips for Moving in the Winter

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Tips for Moving in the Winter

Baby it’s cold outside and moving in these temperatures can be a bit trying. But there’s a bit of good news for those moving in the winter on these dreary days: Relocation companies aren’t as busy as they are during the warmer seasons and you might be able to score better rates for movers and trucks.  Keep these tips in mind and we promise moving in the winter won’t be as bad as it seems:

Watch Weather Reports

In the days preceding the move, watch the forecast to make sure a nor’easter or some other extreme weather event is not on the horizon. If conditions are predicted to be dangerous or too difficult, you might want to speak to your moving company about rescheduling.
snowy country road

Clean Sidewalks

Cold temperatures could mean snow or ice on the sidewalk and while it might not be your job to do this—if you live in a rental or multiple dwelling—you still might want to clear the walkway to make sure anyone carrying boxes will be walking on dry ground. The last thing you want is an unwanted injury while Moving in the winter.

Start Early

The days are short and sunsets take place earlier than in the warmer months.  Start your move early in the day. Sticking to daytime moves means more security, higher temperatures and awareness of slippery surfaces.
snowy sunset

Dress Appropriately

Make sure you’re warm enough to be outside for a good portion of the day but also remember that as you move you might start to feel too warm. So dress in layers—this way you can take off or put on pieces of clothing as needed.
girl in snow

Prepare Warm Drinks

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate will all be welcomed by the crew when mercury takes a dip. Either make hot drinks and keep in a thermos or plan to make trips to the nearby bodega or store.
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Turn on the Heat

You might think of going to the new place the night before the move and turning on the heat to make sure it’s tolerable as you make your way in.

Cover the Floors

Old flatted boxes, drop cloths and tarps make good floor coverings for moving day. Not only do they protect the floors from a mess but they also provide good traction for movers.
boots on snow

Hire Pros

Professional movers are used to moving in all kinds of weather and know when to take necessary precautions. If you have any doubts about moving yourself, it’s always a good idea to hire a relocation company.

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