Fixing Damages Before Moving Out: A Renter’s Guide

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Fixing Damages Before Moving Out: A Renter’s Guide

Moving into a new place is exciting and most of us want nothing more than to get there and bid farewell to our old apartment quickly.  But before we leave our old homes it’s worth taking a careful look around for potential damages. It’s likely that there are holes, scuff marks and broken things here and there. Fixing these will take only a handful of hours and will ensure you’ll get your security deposit back from your landlord. Here are some common apartment damages and how to fix them:

Holes in Walls

Your walls will likely have holes from installed art, shelves and televisions. You’ll need putty (like Spackle), sandpaper and a putty knife to fix these. First put enough putty in to fill in the hole, then spread and blend into the wall with a putty knife. Once dry, use the sand paper to smooth out the area.  For large holes you’ll need a mesh repair patch—you’ll cut this to size to fill the hole, then smooth over with putty and sand when dry.

Broken Blinds

Look to see if any of your blinds are broken or bent. If bent, you might be able to straighten them by hand. If the damage is beyond simple repair, you might consider grabbing a new set of blinds—which are typically inexpensive—to snap into the place of the old one.

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Floor Scratches

Hardwood floors are prone to scratches—from our shoes, impact with objects and pets. Luckily, they are easily fixed. A trip to the hardware store will reveal the plethora of markers, stains and pastes available to fix nicks. Speak to a professional at the store to find the best option for your floor type. Ideally, know the wood and stain color family before going to the store.

Carpet Stains

If your old apartment had carpet, look for stains that you might have caused during your stay. You can use a number of stain removers designed for carpets at retailers. If the stains are too hard or large to remove, rent a carpet-cleaning machine that could literally do the heavy (stain) lifting for you.

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