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Five Moving Add-ons to Consider

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Five Moving Add-ons to Consider

When we think of movers, we typically think of them as professionals that literally move our boxes from our old home onto a truck, transport them and unload them into a new home. However, moving companies and their staff can do much more than that and sometimes it makes sense—for our physical and mental well-being—to consider some of the extras they offer to help ease the process of relocation for us. When you consider moving companies that pack for you, here are five moving add-ons that could be worth the cost:

Packing and Unpacking

Moving professionals can take care of packing and unpacking your items so you can tick these tasks off your to-do list. The cost of packing depends on what you have, the amount of material required and the labor involved.  Movers will also unpack your goods and place them in their new location.  Outsourcing both of these tasks will allow you to pay attention to other pre and post move chores.


Odd shaped items or valuables such as art or an old piece of furniture might require special wooden crates for transport. Moving professionals can build custom wooden structures to ensure your pieces are well protected.

wooden shipping crate by moving companies that pack for you

Disposing of Boxes and Packing Material

After you’re moved in and unpacked, you’re left with the task of disposing packing material—or watching it pile up in the corner of the living room of your small New York apartment. Though it’s probably not a difficult task, it’s one more thing you might not have the energy to do. Ask your moving company to give you an estimate for discarding packing material.

discarded moving boxes from moving companies that pack for you

Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly

To fit trucks, doorways or staircases, you’ll often need to disassemble parts of a furniture piece, if not all of it. Sometimes it’s easy; sometimes it’s a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle you might not want to, or not have the ability, to deal with. If that’s the case, save yourself the headache and use this add-on to save yourself a headache and possibly a quarrel or two with your roommate or partner.

cactus from the moving companies that pack for you

Special Items Handling

Valuables or delicate items, such as musical instruments, art and wine might need to be handled differently than your other stuff. Ask your moving company for climate-controlled trucks, if necessary, and experts who are capable of handling these items.

chair and piano provided by moving companies that pack for you

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