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Five Moving Pitfalls to Avoid

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Five Moving Pitfalls to Avoid

Each year, one in nine people move with packing and moving companies. If you’re among those relocating, you want to ensure that your move goes as smoothly as possible without too many glitches. Here are common pitfalls to avoid ensuring moving day is as stress-free and risk-free as possible:

Getting the Wrong Sized Truck

Like most people, you want to save money on your move but getting a truck that’s too small is the wrong way to achieve this. Save yourself a lot of frustration and reserve a truck that fits your needs. Truck rental companies will tell you which truck is best suited for your apartment size. You can also ask for the truck volume and estimate the total square feet of your boxes to make sure everything fits. Alternatively, you can figure each furnished room will take up about 200 square foot of space. Though it’s important to note that this is just an estimate.

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Not Hiring Professionals

There’s a reason they are professionals. Hiring expert movers can save you stress, injury and time. Look into a reputable moving company and allow them to use time- tested methods to get your stuff from point A to point B efficiently.

Waiting Too Long to Hire Pros

Once you know your moving date, start researching moving companies and book the one that fit your needs. Good movers will book fast and so you’ll likely be out of luck if you wait too long.

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Not Taking Packing Seriously

Packing is the most important prep work one can do for moving day. Don’t wait until the last minute to do this and definitely don’t do this on moving day—in which case you’ll be slowing down the movers and the move and likely costing yourself more money. Start this as early as possible.

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Not Having an Inventory

An inventory of your items will help you make sure your boxes have all arrived at the new place and to determine that nothing was lost or damaged during the move. Save yourself headaches and make an inventory of your items prior to moving day.

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