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Four Apps that Make Moving Easier

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Four Apps that Make Moving Easier

We can all agree that moving is stressful—there are many steps that lead to the big day—and if you’re not organized, the tasks can eat up a lot of hours. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and work systematically. One way to achieve this is to use modern technology to your advantage. Moving apps dedicated to moving will help with scheduling, packing, finding the right company to move you and much more. Here are four apps we like:


This app is useful for organization and inventory. Put together a list of all your items with photos and videos and other relevant info so you know what you have and where to find it. Sortly will also help you with to do lists and dates by which each task needs to be completed. Get Sortly and get organized!

Moving Checklist Pro

When it comes to moving it seems as though there are a million things to remember. In addition to the move itself, you have to do things like change your address, have new keys made and switch physicians. So how do you remember it all? Yes, you can make all the paper lists in the world and hope that in the midst of the chaos you won’t lose them or will remember to look at them, or you can download the Moving Checklist Pro and use its 210 pre-loaded move related tasks to make sure you won’t forget a single errand.

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This on-demand laundry and dry clean service will hook you up to folks who will come pick up your dirty linens and clothes and drop them back off for you. Because the last thing you want to do when you get to the new place is have to wash those sheets before making the bed and getting your sore body to sleep.

Magic Plan

Use this handy app and a smart phone to create a floor plan of your new apartment. Then use it to decide where your furniture will go and what you might need to chuck or purchase prior to the move.

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