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Moving Playlist

Everyone needs a moving day playlist.  There’s something unique about how music affects mood—it can cause a listener to get nostalgic, feel loved or become motivated. As such, music is a great tool to alter temperament and help us focus on tasks, such as packing and moving. The key is building a strategic playlist that includes upbeat, motivational and even melancholic tunes. Here are six songs we think should be included in your moving playlist:

I like to Move it

Yes, it’s sort of an oldie but a goodie and a staple for moving. This Reel 2 Real number is on point, keeps you moving and will make you remember the 90’s!


This Ella Fitzgerald tune will make you happy you’re moving to, or within, New York. From Delancey Street to Coney Island, you’ll rediscover the glamour of the city that “can never spoil.”

vintage microphone for a moving day playlist

Bust a Move

Need inspiration to get up and pack the kitchen? Just bust a move! There’s a reason this song by Young MC was a hit and won a Grammy to boot. It’ll be hard to sit down with beats like this.

musical instruments from your moving day playlist

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Everyday is winding Road

It really is like a winding road and this upbeat Sheryl Crow number will remind you of that. And with every box you pack, you’ll “get a little closer!”

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Use this classic from John Denver to remind you the most important thing about your move—that it will take you home.

Empire State of Mind

Here’s another New York specific song by Jay Z and Alicia Keys that will remind you, you’re in the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of” and each time they say New York, you’ll feel a little thrill to be here.

moving day playlist with headphones ready

What are some of your favorite songs for packing and moving? Tell us in the comments below.

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