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Six Things To Do Before Moving Into a New Home

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Six Things To Do Before Moving Into a New Home

Moving into a new home is exciting, albeit a little scary given the number of things you have to do get your new life in order. To help you, we have a list of some basic things you should do before moving and starting the journey to your new New York City apartment:

Start Utility Services

Find out about the utility companies—such as phone, electricity, and Internet providers serving the area of your new home. Then call and ask them to start service on moving day.

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Forward Mail

Contact the USPS and confirm they will forward your mail to your new address well in advance. It saves a lot of aggravation if you do this in advance. The Post Office generally provides easy access to complete all the forms on their website. Remember that not all mail is forwarded. Most of the time it’s only first class mail. You need to send change of address forms to other companies such as catalogs. Your local Post Office can provide you with change of address kits or you may get them from the website and they’ll mail them directly to you.

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Find New Doctors

If you’re moving far enough from your old place that you need new doctors, try and find physicians before the move. Check with your insurance company first, but and ask friends and family for recommendations. You can also read reviews of specific doctors online. You can check your insurance company’s site,too to see what doctors are in your network including specialists.

Provide Change of Address

Provide your credit card companies, bank, and any other institution you receive mail from, with your new mailing address. Make sure to also change your billing and mailing addresses with online retailers you use often, such as Amazon and FreshDirect. This needs to be done online, not with the change of address forms provided by the USPS.

Change Exterior Locks

It’s always a good idea to change exterior locks before moving into a new home. You never know who might have key to the previous lock. If you know what you’re doing, you can do this yourself. But if you prefer a pro, find a local locksmith.

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Clean House

A thorough cleaning of the new home prior to a move will ensure you don’t have to worry about scrubbing and mopping on the day you have tons of other things to do. This especially includes bathrooms, the kitchen, cabinets throughout, and closets. You can do the cleaning yourself or opt for pros to come and clean for you.

Look for mildew or mold, if you haven’t done so already during inspection. Have this professionally addressed immediately. It causes major illnesses, particularly over time and exasperates existing illnesses such as asthma.

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