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Tips for Moving with Pets

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Tips for Moving with Pets

While we are mostly known as a moving company, we are not just a moving company. We care about how your move goes from start to finish and want to not only be professional, but ensure you have the best experience for you and the whole family, and that includes your pets. Moving is often an exciting, albeit hectic, experience for humans, and therefore can be quite traumatic for many pets. There’s lots of extra activity around the house, routines are altered and the animals will need to adjust to a new environment and feel safe and comfortable in their new habitat. There are some ways to make moving with pets easier on them and yourself. Here are some tips:

Look at it from Their Point of View

We enlisted the help from our friends at Petcentric for some very wise advice when writing this blog. Our little animal friends are going through a big change. Dogs have been taught from a young age to socialize and are used to being in various environments outside of their home. For cats, it’s a bit more tenuous. Their home is their territory and they feel safest there. They’re not used to going from place to place like their furry canine counterparts. Get your cat used to its carrier before the move. No matter how far you’re moving, your cat will need to travel safely and will be in a carrier. Leave the carrier open someplace your cat likes to hang out in your home. Line it with comfy blankets and some treats. Let your cat get used to it and feel safe in it before the move.  For dogs, consider walking it around the new neighborhood to familiarize him with the new smells. Do you have access to your new place before moving time? Bring him around and let him explore. If you’re heading to the new place for measurements, bring your dog with you and lay his bed there so he feels safe while you’re there. While you’re home packing, don’t isolate pets in their crates. Let them be a part of the activity.

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Acquire or Transfer Records

Before the move, contact your pet’s vet and ask to have their records and any prescriptions transferred to a new vet, if you have one, or have them sent to you if you don’t have a new doctor for your companions. Ask your new neighbors if they can recommend their vet. This is a great icebreaker for meeting the folks in your new neighborhood.  Also, fill any prescriptions that your pets will need during the move. You’ll have enough to deal with, so the added stress of finding these items in an emergency should be eliminated.

Check in with Vet

Ask your vet if it’s safe for your pet to travel and if they’ll need any medication to make the trek more comfortable for them. For example, some pets get carsick and can take medication for an easier ride and the last thing you’ll want to contend with is doggy vomit in your car. Every pet has its own unique personality and if you’re traveling a long distance, your vet may recommend a mild sedative if your companion is particularly skittish.

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Empty Out a Room

Before moving day, empty out a room, preferably a quiet one. That’s where you can keep your pets on moving day. This will ensure they are out of the way and less stressed than being in the thick of it all. The bathroom is a great option—make sure there’s a sign on the door alerting movers or anyone else that the pet is inside and to not let it out. Make sure food and water and some familiar toys and beds are inside. If you have a dog, perhaps a friend can take your buddy to the park while you’re moving.

Pack a Box

Fill a box with essentials such as food, medication, litter and any other necessities that your pet will need the first few days. Keep this box in the empty room with the pet so you can transport together. The last thing you want is having to go through mounds of boxes looking for your pet’s essentials in the new home. If you need to purchase packing materials, we sell kits and everything you need for a move here in our store.

Take The Pet Last

Once you’ve moved everything and the movers are gone, come back to the old place and take your pets in your own vehicle with their essential box.  It’s always best to set up the new place as much as possible while not leaving the pet alone for too long.

Keep them Secured

Even if your pet is not the type to be in a carrier, cage or a bag, on moving day it’s important to transport them in a way they won’t escape. Pets are jittery and scared of change and have been known to fly off or run away on such occasions.

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Once You’re in Your New Home

Have a look around from your pet’s perspective. Secure anything like drapery cords that are unsafe for your pet. Don’t be surprised if your kitty disappears for a few days. She may hide out in her carrier or under the furniture until she gets acquainted with her new habitat. Make sure she has her familiar items near her hiding spot – and it’s not a bad idea to keep the litter box nearby as well since she may be scared to venture out too far to find it. Keep her food nearby – she may get finicky about eating, but keep your pet’s routine as similar to their old routine as possible and before you know it, they’ll be out and about, sniffing around and comfortable. They will pick up on their human’s mood, so be sure to be relaxed as well. Once kitty has gotten used to her new home, you can move the litter box and food to the appropriate places once again.  If you’d like pick up a new little box hider, consult our blog on creative and modern ways to conceal your kitty litter box . Your dog will most likely choose a different way to get accustomed to his new home. Keep him on his leash for the initial tour so he feels safe by your side. Let him explore the interior and exterior of his new home. If possible, take a couple days off from work to help ensure your pet is comfortable and feeling safe.

Proper ID

Finally, it’s important for pets to have proper ID, such as tags or microchips and to update these with the new address once you’re moved.

Enjoy Your New Home!

We hope you enjoy your new home. It’s an exciting time for you and your family! If you’re new to New York or New Jersey, scan our blogs for fun things to do and new places to check out. If you’re downsizing, perhaps you’d like to rent a storage unit for your sports equipment or off season clothing —we can help you with that at Moishe’s Self Storage. Either way, enjoy your place and have fun exploring!

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