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Seven Reasons to Move to New York City

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Seven Reasons to Move to New York City

Choosing movers NJ to NYC? As you know, the Big Apple is often known as the greatest city in the world. And to us it is. It’s hard to quantify why this is unless one can experience it by living here. We’ve all seen it depicted in movies and television but there’s no Manhattan like the one you get once you put down roots and settle down in it.  Here are only some of the many reasons we think New York is worth a move:


New York is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the country. This means you get many different flavors of cultures, people, food and art.  From parades to plays to festivals to interesting people, you can learn about the different parts of the world within just 305 square miles. We have neighborhoods that are different ethnicities like Little India or Chinatown, then we have whole neighborhoods where on one square block you can have the cheapest and best Mexican meal right next to the most delicious Ethiopian food you’ve ever tasted. They don’t call New York the city that doesn’t sleep for no good reason. You can get a hot cooked meal at anytime day or night.

There are amazing festivals and events almost every weekend of the year.  We log onto to get the lowdown on events all over New York.  We recently saw listings for a Bluegrass festival, two jazz festivals, a blueberry festival and an Italian Heritage festival.

Public Transportation

Yes, the MTA services are overpriced and not always working optimally but as far as public transport goes, New York City is probably your best bet in the nation. You don’t need a car to live here and can easily get around with trains, busses and ferries. Want to go to long island and visit some of the prettiest beaches on the East Coast? You don’t need a car. Hop on the LiRR. Want to go apple picking on a farm in PA? There’s a bus. You can hop on a ferry and visit Governor’s Island and rent a bike there to explore. Governor’s Island is a 172 acre island in the heart of New York Harbor. It’s only 800 yards from Lower Manhattan, and even closer to Brooklyn. No cars are allowed, so you can get totally lost in the wonder of all it has to offer without having to navigate anything more challenging than a bike.

Art, Culture, Music

Want to go dancing? Attend a reading? Or go to museum? Hit a concert? Take your pick from a dozen or more choices in pretty much any category. The city is buzzing with activity. All you have to do is pick one or three! Time Out New York is a wonderful resource for things happening in any season in New York. Once you’ve immersed yourself and are a New Yorker, you’ll find yourself attending all sorts of fun parties and events.

Pick a Class, any Class

movers nj to nyc like light saber fighting Light Saber fighting at NY Jedi

If you’re into cool or weird classes, New York is your place. Underwater spinning class? Why yes, you can find ‘em here. Aerial yoga? Just down the street! Trapeze? Light saber fighting? You don’t say. Even if you thought you didn’t have a creative bone in your body, we guarantee you, live in Manhattan for a year and you’ll see a whole new side to yourself. You can even learn to make your own living moss balls. No joke – at the Brainery in Brooklyn. You just have to promise to let us know what you intend to do with them once you’ve made them. Or maybe we don’t want to know…

Street Filming

Want to catch them filming The Good Wife, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, or SVU? You’ll probably bump into enough of these being filmed to find them annoying after a while. One thing we never get tired of is running into our favorite celebrities in the weirdest places. It never gets old, even the most jaded New Yorkers can be heard regaling stories of celeb sightings at the local pub. One of my favorites is finding Dolly Parton in the bathroom at The Russian Tea Room. Weird.


movers nj to nyc pick Kalustians in Murray Hill Kalustians in Murray Hill

New York City neighborhoods can be vastly different from each other. Experience Polish culture in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Grab Russian groceries in Brighton Beach or head to Astoria, Queens for some Greek food. Our Little Italy and China Town sections are fun and exciting even after years of living in New York. The herbs for sale at Kalustian’s in Murray Hill are the best this little mini India has to offer. We love visiting each neighborhood to get fresh fish, the best in Italian salami’s and cheeses, and the most incredible Indian jewelry. Even plants and fashion have their own districts. There is so much to explore, that even after years of being here you won’t see it all.

The Skyline

movers nj to nyc big city

There are fewer skylines that we love as much Gotham City. Take a step back and be continually amazed. Everyone who comes to the city or moves to New York should walk over one of our beautiful bridges and enjoy the views. There are also Helicopter tours you can take ( and wow your friends with spectacular shots of the city from a perspective most don’t get to see. The Circle Line ( is also a really great time. Organize a group of friends and spend a beautiful afternoon cruising around the island of New York and learn about some of our different architectural delights.

circle line cruises enjoyed by movers nj to nyc Circle Line Cruises

The Downside

Unfortunately there are a couple of downsides to relocating to Manhattan. It wouldn’t be fair of us to only mention the things in the plus column.  You may have to sacrifice some space to live in this wondrous city. If you get creative, you can make the most of a tiny kitchen, find unique ways to store your bathroom items and there’s always self-storage if you’re a big sports person and don’t want to trip over surfboards, boogie boards, wetsuits, bikes, snowboards, winter boots and coats, etc. during the off seasons.

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