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Five Ways to Beat the Heat While Moving

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Five Ways to Beat the Heat While Moving

Moving and packing companies know how unbearable the heat can be.  Just a few days ago we were reaching temperatures close to 90, which as we all know, can make a move miserable.  Given that summer is around the corner, temperatures will only go up. But there are ways to beat New York’s warm spring and hot summers during a move. Here are some tips:

Dress for the Season

Wear light and thin clothes that are easy to move in. Breathable fabrics such as cotton and linen are good choices. But remember, while sandals might seem like a good idea, they provide no protection for your feet. Opt for closed shoes and preferably ones that provide extra protection for your toes, such as steal toed boots.

Water, Water Everywhere

Have lots of water on hand—you can put some in the freezer a few hours before the move so the bottles are cold. Not only do they help hydrate you and others performing physical work but can be used as packs on the forehead to cool down.

Start Early

The earlier you start, the cooler it’ll be and the earlier you will hopefully finish. A 6 a.m. start time might have you finishing the move by early afternoon beating the hottest part of the day.

Stay Aware

If you feel too hot or dizzy, take a break, have a snack and take a sip of something. You don’t want to get heat stroke during a move.

Hire Pros

It’s always easier to leave a move to professionals who perform the task in all kinds of weather. They know what precautions to take, their limits and the best way to go about the process. When in doubt, look for a reputable moving company in your area.

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