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What Licenses Should Your Movers Have?

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What Licenses Should Your Movers Have?

When you’re deciding on Moving companies New York that will handle your belongings, you should always look for a company that is legally allowed to operate in the United States. Some relocation companies may claim to be insured and licensed, when in fact they are either not, or not licensed through a legitimate entity. So it’s important to familiarize yourself with industry standards.  Here are licenses to look for to ensure your movers are legit:

The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC)

This agency was created to regulate carriers that operate interstate and assigned Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier (or ICC MC) numbers to moving fleets. Although this designation was phased out in 1995, many older and established moving companies still display this number on their trucks. When a moving company still displays an ICC number you know they have at least been in business since 1995.
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Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

Moving companies that operate between states are required to have an FMCSA number. This number designates what each company is allowed to transport and what area they can operate in. There’s a code for each specific item type each moving company can carry. For example, if the moving company engages in interstate transportation of household goods, they will have a number that begins with MC.
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Department of Transportation (DOT)

Moving companies New York are required to be registered with the department of Transportation—basically meaning they are registered with the government and are legally allowed to operate.   Always make sure your mover has an assigned USDOT number. You can search for a company’s DOT or MC number and safety ratings on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration page.
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