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Tips for Moving with Kids

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Tips for Moving with Kids

Moving with children can be difficult on kids—they will be changing homes, potentially schools and even friends. All these changes, while exciting can also be scary to the little ones. So it’s important for adults to take extra care to ensure the children have a positive experience during relocation. Here are some tips on how to move when kids are involved:

Have A Talk

The first thing you want to do is chat with your little ones about your plans to move. Explain to them why you’re moving. Then, highlight the things that will remain the same while your residence changes—this includes family, pets and toys, among other things. Ensuring them that major parts of their lives will remain constant will help them feel safe.

Involve Kids

Kids love to engage in adult tasks, such as cooking, cleaning and the likes. Involving them in packing or labeling could be a fun way to get children into the idea of moving. You can also take them with you when scouting potential homes. This will allow them to get excited about the prospects of a new home.

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Keep it Exciting

Kids love adventure and moving is certainly one! Explain to them how a new school, a new room and a new neighborhood could be exciting. Get them to realize all the new things they can discover and they might be more than happy about the move.

Stick with Routine

Keep bedtime, mealtime and other established routine (like pizza night) the same, before, during and post-move. Routine will help kids feel stable during a time when things are changing.

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Keep in Touch with the Past

When in a new place, it’s important for kids to stay linked to the past after moving with children until they establish new relationships and connections.  If close enough, plan play dates with their friends from their old school and neighborhood. If too far, help them stay in touch with family and friends through the phone, email, Facetime and the likes.

Create New Memories

Once moved in, start making new memories as a family. Take your kid to the playground, grab some ice cream and go to a new museum. This will help children start to feel like they really are on a new adventure.

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