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Tips for Moving a Garage

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Tips for Moving a Garage

Though it might seem like it’s just like moving any other room in the house, moving a garage can pose special challenges that movers NY can help you with. From tools to lawnmowers to bicycles, a garage is full of items that don’t quite fit in a house and not often part of the main moving plan. So it’s important to treat the contents of a garage a bit differently than the rest of your belongings. Here are some tips on how to do that:

Sharped Edge Items

It’s likely many folks have tools with sharp edges, like axes, saws, shears and the likes. Movers NY will always cover and securely wrap sharp edges with blankets and bubble wraps so no one gets hurt during the moving process.

tools on rack

Long Handled Tools

Bundle long handled tools like brooms and rakes and tie the handles as a secure and tight bundle. And don’t forget to cover with blankets and bubble wrap.

Gas Operated Equipment

Siphon out any fuel left in lawnmowers, snow blowers, jet skis and other gas-operated equipment. Leaving fuel in during relocation is dangerous and many companies will not move equipment as such.


Contact your moving company prior to moving day to see if they relocate cars, motorcycles and such. If not, search for a reputable company that transports vehicles.

motorcycle on lift


If you have a bike rack on your car, you can simply transport it yourself. If you would like the movers NY to take care of relocating it, ask them if they supply special boxes and their suggestions on packing.

green men's bike

Knick Knacks

Small objects and tools should be packed in boxes similar to how one packs the contents of a home. Make sure everything is well protected with bubble wrap and packing paper as needed and all the boxes are secured with tape.

drill press


Everything should be labeled. This includes not only boxes but also larger items transported loosely. Because, though it may seem intuitive that a bundle of long-handled tools go in a garage, on moving day when the movers are handling a multitude of items, they might leave things in the wrong location if not given clear directions.

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