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Six Places to Score Free Boxes for Moving

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Six Places to Score Free Boxes for Moving

Moving boxes NYC is an essential item you should have for a move. Without them, your move will be lengthy and messy. You can purchase moving boxes NYC from the moving company who’ll be taking care of your relocation or from retailers. But if you prefer to cut some cost and not purchase boxes, you can score some for free. Here are six spots to check out:

Liquor Stores

Generally, boxes at liquor stores are smaller—good for heavier items like books—but since you’ll need a variety of sizes, this is one of our favorite places to make a pre-move stop.

Grocery Stores

Ask someone at the store what kinds of boxes they have. If they don’t have what you want on hand, ask them to save some boxes for you when they get their next shipment.

banana boxes

Warehouse Clubs   

Places like Costco, BJ’s and Sam’s Club generally have moving boxes NYC for their patrons right at the store. The boxes often don’t have lids but still they can be useful for carrying things you might be taking in your own car or not need top protection for.

U-Haul Box Exchange®

The message board created by U-Haul is meant to connect customers who need and want to get rid of their boxes. Because one person’s recycling is another person’s moving boxes.


You’ll often find folks getting rid of boxes on this online classifieds. All you have to do is show up and take the boxes off someone’s hands.

used boxes

Starbucks Coffee

These guys get multiple shipments of coffee and other such things each week. That means that there are a lot of boxes to be had. Let them know beforehand what you’re looking for and ask when you should show up to pick up. 

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