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Tips on Moving Valuable Artwork

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Tips on Moving Valuable Artwork

Packing paintings for moving – whether they are investment pieces or just artwork that’s special, it’s possible you might have several valuable pieces.  Moving them can be stressful and you might wonder how to pack and transport the pieces to ensure they safely arrive in your new home.  You might opt to use ad-on services by your moving company—skilled in safely transporting valuables—or you might decide to move the pieces yourself. Either way, here are some tips to help you:

Separate Artwork

Place all your artwork separately in a designated area of the home you are moving from. This will ensure your pieces don’t get boxed up with other items and transported without special care.

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Build Crates

Packing paintings for moving should be crated for safe transport. This typically means that one needs to build a wooden structure with piece-specific dimension to protect the painting. Sculptures will likely need padded crates. In both cases, make sure you protect the face of the pieces and corners with cardboard and bubble wrap.

Decide On Specialized Trucks

Delicate pieces and some pigments are sensitive to temperatures and humidity changes and extremes. If any of your pieces fit that bill, consider transporting them via climate-controlled trucks.

Consult Experts

If you are unsure and concerned about the value of your pieces or how to transport them, consider consulting an art appraiser or appraisal house. Then, find movers specialized in transporting art who can give you expert advice and help you with packing and relocation.

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Get Insurance

If the pieces you are transporting are of value, don’t skimp on purchasing insurance for them. Though no one wants to think about damage, it can happen from time to time.

Unpack Carefully

As important as packing and transporting is, unpacking artwork is also vital to ensuring your pieces don’t incur damage. Take your time and unpack the pieces with care.

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