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Moving Out on Your Own, A Guide

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Moving Out on Your Own, A Guide

It’s exciting and slightly nerve wracking to move out of your parents’ or guardian’s home for the first time. You’ll finally gain independence and can do things your way: You can decorate as you wish, eat what you want and basically live by your own rules. As exciting as it may be, being on your own comes with great responsibility and takes some planning. To help you, we have some tips:

Prepare Financially

When we live under someone else’s roof we often don’t realize the financial obligations that go with running a household. Make sure you come up with an estimate of your monthly living expenses—such as utility bills, maintenance, groceries and rent or mortgage.  Once you have an estimate, try and save up ahead of time to ensure that you’re covered for several months worth of expenses.

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Find a Suitable Home

Be it a rental or a purchase, finding a suitable apartment, especially in New York City, can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Start researching neighborhoods and then looking at the market to see what you can afford. You might go at this on your own or opt to hire a realtor to help with your search.

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Have Documents Ready

Renting or buying an apartment will require documentation, such as references, co-signers and pay stubs. Have all of these on hand to snatch a place when you find a fit.

Find a Professional Moving Company

While you’re looking to find the ideal place, you should also be researching moving companies who will take some of the burden of the move off your shoulders. It’s in your best interest to find the best movers NYC has to offer. To find one that meets your needs, read reviews and ask for a written quote. Reserve the pros as soon as you have a move in date to ensure you get your first choice of a relocation company.

Purchase Necessary Items

Whether it’s furniture or linens or cleaning supplies, you might want to start purchasing things you’ll need for your new home. If being delivered, it’s best to schedule deliveries for after the move, so you won’t have to add it to the list of things that will need to be relocated.

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Once you’re moved in, enjoy your newly found independence. Yes, the responsibility is great but it’s freeing to live self-sufficiently and take that first step toward your goals.

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