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College Moving Day: A Guide

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College Moving Day: A Guide

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for parents! Yes, moms and dads, rejoice as your teenager is finally going to college. This is wonderful for two reasons: first, let us repeat, your child is going to college and second you’ll finally get to take that European vacation you wanted without having to plan around your son or daughter’s school schedule. But, you’re not off the hook yet. You gotta get your teenage bundle of joy moved out of your home and into the dormitory and for that we’re here to help.  Here are some pointers:



The proximity of your kid’s school to your home will determine your method of move and how much you can purchase beforehand. If your home is on the East Coast and your child’s college on the West, it’s best to forgo buying too much before the move. If the college is within driving distance, then by all means go on a shopping spree before the big day.



We like lists. They make it easy to organize our thoughts and to help us remember what we, as parents with multiple responsibilities, tend to forget. Make a list of the items your child needs—this can include anything from sheets and shower caddies, to school supplies, electronics and toiletries.



Consider the climate of your child’s new location when purchasing and packing items for them. This will eliminate transporting and storing unnecessary clothing and goods.



Dorm rooms are small and your child will most likely be sharing the space. It’s best to pack less than more. And remember you’ll likely see your child for Thanksgiving break, at which point he or she can take additional stuff back as needed.



When purchasing new items, don’t forget about online retailers who will ship items to your child’s new address for free. Utilize this 21st century luxury and free up space in the car so you all won’t be cramped in on moving day.



Packs some wipes, paper towels and the likes to wipe down desk and bed and other surfaces before moving in. Also, your child will need them for future cleanups.


Food and snacks

It’s a good idea to pack some edibles for moving day. Hunger and thirst come hand in hand with all the physical exertion and you don’t want to end up a hangry crowd


Moving Day

Everyone who lives near a college or university knows that moving days are busy. Get there and move your kid in as early as the school allows. There will be some check in paperwork, key and ID pickups and other admin stuff, so have your kid get on that as soon as you arrive. Meanwhile, you could be on moving duty. Once the boxes are in the room, unpack and settle your child in as best you can. Then, if time, and your child, allow, grab a bite to eat. Next, prepare to get teary-eyed as you get ready to say your goodbyes. But remember your kid is going to college, so quickly get back to rejoicing.

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