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Post Move Treat: A Spa Guide

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Post Move Treat: A Spa Guide

Moving is hard, tiring and muscle-demanding work. And if you think it isn’t, well then wait until a day or two or three after the move when you reach for a cup in the kitchen cabinet and you shriek so loudly your neighbor wishes you hadn’t moved in next door. Luckily, we have a perfect solution for you. Take an hour or three off and get some relief by spending the time at one of the many spas dotting New York City.  Get a massage to ease those shoulder knots, a facial for a little pick me up or simply soak in a hot tub drinking bubblies to relax, or green juice to replenish those nutrients—up to you, we’re not judging. There are many spas to choose from fitting different budgets and likings. Here is a list of our favorites:

Great Jones Spa
This place is hip, clean, and has a water lounge, which in regular speak means a steam room, sauna, small cold plunge pool, a thermal hot tub, some lounge chairs and some very chatty New Yorkers. But we love the water lounge and their array of massages and the amazing facials (prepare to be asked if you’ve had work done on your face afterwards).  The treatments aren’t cheap—be ready to shell out $145 for a Swedish massage—but they are quite good. And if you’re not ready to spend that much, get yourself a water lounge pass for $55 and spend three hours soaking your muscles in warmth.

Pure Qi Regimen Spa
The atmosphere at this Greenpoint, Brooklyn spot is a bit clinical, well, the rooms are, but the massages are good, the prices reasonable–$35 for a 30-minute massage.—and the staff friendly. We have yet to be disappointed at Pure Qi.

Bliss Spa
With three New York City and one Hoboken, New Jersey location, the accessibility of this spa chain can’t be beat. Yes, it’s a chain but the treatments are generally good and the facilities are clean and pleasant and they offer tasty treats in the waiting room—healthy ones, of course. Occasionally, you can find coupons and deals through online outlets like GiltCity. Now that’s bliss!

Spa Castle
There’s a strong emphasis on pools and water therapy at the Spa Castle so if getting wet is not your thing, you’re better off going elsewhere. For all you fish out of water stuck in New York types, check out the different ways you can soak yourself—from waterfalls to hot tubs to aqua jets. This Korean spa is family friendly so everyone can enjoy a day together. But if you’re looking for some time to yourself, you can find quiet pockets, such as a meditation or sleeping rooms or hot tubs, nestled in various locations of this 100,000 square-foot Queens oasis.   

The Setai Club & Spa
A few hours at this Wall Street oasis will make you forget where you live and who you are. From the moment you enter the dark rooms of Setai you’re transformed into relax mode. Just sitting in the waiting room in a robe and drinking a glass of champagne or a cup of tea is a treatment onto itself. The treatments will make a serious dent in your wallet–$95 for a 30-minute massage and $285 for a signature facial—but if you can part with the cash, it’s a worthwhile splurge.

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