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Welcome Gift for New Neighbors

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Welcome Gift for New Neighbors

Good neighbors are sometimes better than friends—they’re close by when you need a helping hand and can offer a much-needed local community—and if you’re lucky, they’ll soon become your friends.  So when a new neighbor moves in, it’s nice to take the opportunity to welcome them into their new environs—especially in New York where everyone is usually so busy. One way to do this is to offer them a small gift. Here are five appropriate neighborly offerings:

Baked Goods

Cookies, bread, brownies and other baked item are a nice and literally sweet way to show your new neighbor you’re happy to have them. Place a tag on the dish and list the ingredients in case anyone in the household has dietary restrictions.

Produce Basket

Stop at the nearby farmer’s market and grab some fruit and veggies and arrange them in a basket. Attach a welcome card and mention the location of the farmer’s market so if your new neighbors like what you got them, they know where to get more on their own. Not only is this a nice gift but a way to acquaint the newbies to the hood.


A bottle of wine, a pack of coffee or tea, or even some bottles of artisan non-alcoholic drinks or mixers are always welcomed gifts.

Kids’ Gift

If the new neighbors have a child or more in tow, a small gift will make the little ones feel more at home in their new community. You can opt for plush toys, books or a toy. Just don’t get them a drum set or you’ll soon be kicking yourself.

Small Plant

A tiny succulent or something similar is a nice little present for the new neighbors. Don’t get anything large as many people consider plants decorating items and want to be involved in picking them to their taste.

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