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Tipping Movers: A Guide

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Tipping Movers: A Guide

Moving is hard work—not just for you but also for the people you’ve hired. Many of us want to reward the folks we’ve entrusted with our possessions but aren’t familiar with the etiquette or may already have shelled out so much for our move that we’re not sure we can compensate the movers the way we’d like. So, are you wondering how much to tip movers? If you’re confused about the whole tipping situation, here are some common questions we’ve answered to help you:


Can’t decide?

Movers are paid for their services. However, if you feel they’ve done a good job and you’d like to show your gratitude, tipping is a sure way to get that message across. If you thought the services provided were poor or sub-par, don’t feel obligated to tip. Remember, tipping is at your discretion.


How much?

Although there is no one right answer to how much you should tip movers, a 5 percent gratuity is a reasonable amount for each mover. So if your move cost $600, expect to pay about $30 to each mover. If you feel your movers have done an outstanding job, or have weathered through some tough conditions—such as narrow stairway, snowstorm—you can up the tip or go the other way if they haven’t met your expectation.



Generally tips are given after the move. You can, however, split your tip and distribute it in two installments—at the beginning and end of a move. Giving a tip in the beginning might inspire the movers to take better care of your goods. If, at the end, you’re happy with their performance, you can give your movers the rest of the tip for a job well done.



Some prefer to hand the whole tip to the person in charge of the crew but sometimes we don’t know who that person is or might want to thank each mover individually. To ensure, everyone gets a fair piece of the tipping pie, have enough small bills to hand out the tips to each individual.


How else to compensate?

Besides saying thank you and providing some extra cash, it’s always nice to provide refreshments for the crew. On hot days, cold beverages are a welcome pick-me-up, whereas on cold days some hot tea, coffee or chocolate will give your workers a boost.

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