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Our Top Moishes Moving Tips

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Our Top Moishes Moving Tips

Being a relocation company, at Moishes Moving and Storage we know how potentially stressful moving home and especially relocating to a new state can be. And if it’s to a city where the streets are as busy and bustling as New York then it can be quite a thing to contemplate. We’ve come up with our top tips to help you with your move!

At least it would be if you didn’t plan well in advance and consider the potential pitfalls along the way. So, if you’re planning a relocation any time soon, check out our top tips to help make your move a little smoother!

Top Tips for easier home relocation

  1. It doesn’t matter whether you are packing up your own possessions or you’re having us do it, there are going to be problems if we can’t get near the boxes to be picked up. So, if you have a small yard, there are parking restrictions or any other reason why we can’t get near your home, please let us know about it so that we can plan what to do. It may mean we have to arrive in a smaller van or even negotiate with the road authorities to get access. It definitely saves time if we’re forewarned.
  2. When packing smaller items, think about the weight of the boxes, making sure it’s balanced. Also, it’s a good idea to pack things from a particular room in the same boxes, such as keeping all the kitchen gadgets together, the bathroom paraphernalia, bedroom linens, etc. Always label those boxes too so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for and plan your unpacking.
  3. Pack the children or any pets you have off to their granny’s, auntie’s, or a family friend so that they won’t literally get under your – and our – feet on moving day. Not only will this be less stressful for you and safer for them, but it’ll be more fun for the little ones to be at the pool, park, or watching TV.
  4. On the day you move, make sure you have special documents, money, your phone, inventory list, and contact numbers with you at all times. You don’t want these to be lost in the upheaval.
  5. Accept the fact you may have to do a bit of cleaning once you reach your new abode. You’ve no idea what condition it’ll be left in. If the house has been empty for a while then it’s a sure bet you’re going to have cleaning to do.
  6. Make sure you don’t end up arguing with utility companies for unpaid bills by taking the meter readings as soon as you enter your new home. You should also check that the appliances are all in working order.
  7. Don’t imagine for one minute that you’re going to get through moving day without plenty of snacks, drinks, and at least one good nourishing meal. You’ll need these for all those extra calories spent hauling boxes everywhere.
  8. Always bring an overnight bag with you when moving. This should contain handy items such as a change of clothes, toiletries, toothbrushes, hand wipes, contact lenses solution, other personal items, medications, and bed linens.

Need help about moving in or to New York? Then contact us at Moishes Moving and Storage. We’ll be happy to avail you of our expertise.

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