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Moving with kids and pets

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Moving with kids and pets

Now we don’t want to put you off or make your believe this relocation to New York that you’re about to embark on is going to be any more difficult than you already fear it will be. But we feel it’s our duty to warn you that relocating with kids and pets is no picnic – especially if you’re talking a day-long journey. But there are steps you can take to try and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. This is what we would advise here at Moishe’s Moving and Storage:

Travelling with kids
Little ones get excited at the start of a journey in a new and strange van but after an hour or two boredom can easily set in and the newness of the van will have lost its sheen. Therefore you really need to prepare for a journey which, to them, is going to seem twice as long as it does for you. So think about bringing along the following:

  • Entertainment. We touched on this in our last post but it’s worth mentioning again because it’s crucial as far as little ones are concerned. For a start their boredom threshold is a fraction of yours as an adult. Always bring along books, comics, electronic media and travel games for keeping them amused during transit. If you’re going to be making any lengthy refreshment stops then outdoor games – such as baseball or soccer – can be a good way of tiring them out for long sections of the journey. And if you’re taking along Rover or Fido then they’ll appreciate getting to stretch their legs too.
  • Toiletries. It’s always worth taking along a large bag full of sanitary napkins, snacks, sweets and spare plastic bags (for sweet wrappers and apple cores etc). Take them in a separate bag as you’ll probably be digging in to this quite a bit.
  • Clean clothes. Sod’s law dictates that one of the kids will spill either a drink or some food down the front of their tee-shirt so having a spare tee-shirt and shorts near at hand is essential.

Traveling with pets
We love them and they provide us with unstinting loyalty and affection (well, dogs do – cat’s do their own thing but we love them anyway). However, when it comes to moving with them things can get pretty hairy. Cats for instance hate being in a moving vehicle (some animal experts say the motion makes them feel sick). Dogs, on the other hand, tend not to be able to sit still for five minutes). Try these tricks:

Micro-chipping. If you haven’t done so already then it’s a very good idea to get your dog or cat micro-chipped and get your mobile phone number inscribed on a tag and attach to his collar. That’s because a dog could freak out at its new location, run off and be unable to find his way back again. And the same is true for a cat. You don’t want to have to spend hours consoling the kids for the loss of their pet when you could spend the time unpacking instead.

  • Food. Smear a favorite toy in peanut butter or some other doggy treat so he can concentrate on that every now and again rather than pacing and whining and annoying the whole family.
  • Medication. If your dog or cat isn’t used to traveling then it might be worth a visit to the vet to see if there is anything they can prescribe. There are relaxation drops for cats for instance and tablets for dogs.

We hope the above helps. The main thing to remember though is that such a long journey will be a one-off!

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