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Avoid Moving Day Madness

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Avoid Moving Day Madness

Moving home and relocating – whether to New York, Los Angeles, Florida or some other major US state can – understandably – prove extremely stressful. And that’s why at Moishe’s Moving and Storage we’ve produced a guide to try and simplify things for you as much as possible.

They’re all points worth considering and, in many cases, are essential for your sanity. We’re hoping you’re already organized for the move and if so it won’t do any harm to have a quick read through the following:

  • Always do an inventory of what you’re set to pack, not just to ensure that nothing goes missing in transit, but also to ensure that you know exactly how many packing boxes to order and that the removals van will be large enough. Otherwise you’re going to have to choose items to leave behind at the last minute – which is never a good situation to be in.
  • Make sure you order the service you require. For instance, do you want to unpack the boxes yourself or get our help too? If it’s the latter then let us know and we’ll factor in more time for you.
  • It’s an idea to check out removals insurance, particularly if you’ve anything valuable that going to have to shifted during transit. Don’t make the mistake of believing that it’s covered in your home contents insurance.
  • And following on from the previous point, try and de-clutter while writing out your inventory. That old bureau you inherited from Aunt Gladys and which you never like anyway could surely go now… why not arrange to take it to the nearest homeless shelter? Put it this way, the more items you have to move, the more expensive it’s going to be.
  • Kids coming along too? Then make sure there’s something to entertain them during transit and when you get to your new place as it’s going to take hours to unload even the necessities and the last thing you want is for them to start complaining they’re bored. Gameboys, books and travel games are always a winner in this type of scenario.
  • It might be an idea to put some of the larger, or less well used items, into storage especially as you’ll probably want to redecorate your new place when you first get there.

  • There are tricks that can make packing a whole lot easier and free up more space in the van. For instance, it’s a good idea to tuck linen and sleeping bags inside wardrobes and other pieces of furniture with large drawers.
  • Make sure your boxes are ordered by room where all the kitchen equipment, food, cutlery etc are stored together in the van so it’s easier to place them in the correct room once you’ve reached your destination.
  • Think about when you plan to relocate too. It may be that you have to start a new job and you don’t have much of a choice but if the move is a bit more ‘open-ended’ then try and book for a month when it’s not going to be too hot (especially if you’re going to be sitting in a van for hours). And on that score, you’re more likely to get the moving date you want if you book for mid-week when we tend to be less busy (weekends and holidays are always pretty hectic here). Not surprisingly it’s also less expensive to move mid-week than at a popular time.
  • Remember to take snacks with you to keep everyone’s blood sugar up. You’re going to need it when it comes to unpacking at the other end!

We hope the above helps but remember you can always give us a call too here at Moishe’s Moving and Storage if you’re confused at all about any of the above.

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